bathtub suggestions wanted

melissastarSeptember 29, 2013

Would very much appreciate some suggestions on bathtubs...never bought one before! I'm adding a small guest bathroom and would like to put a tub in, as there is none in my master bathroom and occasionally, I'd like to be able to have a soak! It needs to be:
-- no more than 5 foot in length
--also usable as a shower
--alcove installation
--as deep as possible (don't mind the climbing in and out part, and HATE the knees or boobs out-of-water part)

Most tubs I've ever used have been cast iron, with the exception of a few hotel tubs that were, I would guess, acrylic. I haven't like the look and feel of those, but wonder if there is a high-quality alternative to the cost and weight of cast iron?

Any suggestions?

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Another option to cast iron is steel, American Standard Cambridge is one

Here is a link that might be useful: tub

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I have the Kohler Greek. It is our hall bathroom, which Is for my college-aged kids when they are here and for guests. And for me when I want to take a bath.

The tub is only 48" long and extremely deep. We put it in an alcove and installed a flange around the edges because we use it as a shower too. We have a rainhead shower and no door but the water does not escape because it comes straight down. We put a step in front to cut the visual height of the tub and a grab bar on the wall.

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Thanks. Bluedevil, i had seen the Kohler Greek and was contemplating it. Could you by any chance post a picture so I could see how it looks ? Particularly wondering about the flange. and the step in front.

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Melissa--I have tried to attach a picture. If it doesn't show just google "pics of my new bathrooms garden web" and my reveal thread will come right up.

The flange is covered by the tile so it is not visible. First the tub was installed, then the flange was added around the edge, then the tile was installed over the flange. Kohler sells a tile-in bead but we used something similar that my contractor had that I believe was easier to work with.

There is lots of finger-wagging on this board about the absolute necessity of an integrated flange when an alcove tub will be used as a shower. We have had no issues--zero. For the first year and a half, the shower was used several times a day. Now that two of my kids are away at school, it is used just once a day.

Here is a link that might be useful: nycbluedevil kohler greek tub

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I see that my whole thread attached, so you will be able to see the picture of the tub. If you look on the left, you can see the grab bar. The rain head is not visible in the picture. It is a Hangrohe 7" head.

I think our situation is very similar to yours. We don't have a tub in our master bath but I wanted to have a deep tub for those times when I want a soak.

We used this tub primarily because I needed a tub that had an absolutely vertical side on the short end (the 32" side) because I was installing it with the short end facing out, rather than the long 48" side facing out. Most tubs have angled ends and someone entering the tub would risk falling upon entering the tub at the end. So I found this tub. The shorter length was actually a bonus. It takes up less space in the room and fills faster than a 5 foot tub this deep would fill.

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The 60" Kohler Underscore is awesome. Deep enough to take a bath and good to use as a shower. I just installed one in an alcove with a three wall tile flange.

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