goodness me I need IDEAS!!!

susie_queApril 5, 2011

I help run my towns citizen watch.

WE are really really new so to get folks involved we are planning a "fun" day to go along with the end of school.

One of our members is also the towns fitness coach running walking clubs we want to join forces!!

We are looking for ideas. So far we will have a fun walk planned. It will be one mile down to the riverfront park where we'd like to have all kinds of family fun events.

Face painting, sack races, pie toss ect... maybe a bounce house things like that!!

Everything would cost tickets and tickets will be sold for like 25 cents with the proceeds going to the town watch.

Everything must be family friendly.

I was thinking about some sort of eating contest but it would have to be healthy since we are also promoting healthy living as well as safety...any ideas??

Sadly the riverfront park does not allow dogs (I know really??) so the cannot have a dog parade....bummer!!

So if anyone has any suggestions for ways to make this event a success I would love to touch base with you!!

Post ideas here or feel free to email me at



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Instead of an eating contest, how about some type of food cookoff... chili, cioppino, bbq, gumbo, whatever would work for your area. Maybe get the restaurants in the area to be contestants, then sell that food as well.


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I love Ann's idea about a cook-off...

On the theme of safety, what about having a community police officer give short sessions (10-15 minutes) about home safety (how to make your home less attractive to burglars type of thing), or personal safety...

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The kids would love to be in a parade! If you can find a stretch of a main street (maybe 6-8 blocks) that could be blocked off, folks could have a parade of bikes, strollers, tricycles, scooters, walkers, pets on leashes, etc. all decorated and the riders decorated too. Non-paraders would be encouraged to sit on the sidewalk and applaud the paraders. Prizes could be given for the best decorations in each age group. I organized this one year in my old neighborhood for July 4th.


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How about a bike decorating contest?

Invite some local businesses to hand out freebies/coupons.

Ask some local teens (who might be looking for babysitting jobs) to get involved creating games and contests for the kids.

Planting in the park? Maybe a local nursery could donate small plants and everyone could help dig and plant a small community garden. Or kids could plant their own seeds in small pots that they decorate to take home.

Sand art or spin art?

Sounds fun - good luck with everything!


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The art idea is good! You could also do Sidewalk Chalk Art.

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We did a spring in the parks festival last year and for years I organized a three weekend long fall festival. The craft table was very fun at the parks festival, as was balloon figures. Man, the kids just LOVED that. We had a raffle of some planters, and your could also sell baked goods and beverages. Maybe get some local folks to do demos like "how to make a rainbarrel" or "how to repair a bike" or "how to do string figures" or "the basics of birdwatching at home" or "how to save money on cooling your home this summer" and the like. Think about some demos your local businesses could dontate.

Making homeade ice cream is something kids love. As for contests, one favorite was bean shooting actually, lol! Probably not something you want kids in the neighborhood to take up though! :) Do it yourself car wash is another idea. I was amazed at how much kids liked washing cars when I ran a day camp. Staff used to offer that as an afternoon activity using their own cars, lol!

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At our fair we have chili, salsa or ice cream cookoffs. Most of the time the chili cookoffs are business teams and the salsa and ice cream are individuals. They are given a container to fill for the judges and the rest they sale.

Also, some of the civic organizations will make hamburgers, hotdogs, beans and cornbread, tacos or whatever and sale.

In the past we have had three leg races, one leg of two people tied together. It's harder than you think, my brother and I won that one year. We have done hospital bed races, three people per bed, two guiding it and one on the bed. They race to the end and then have to turn the bed around and race back.

There is always the dunking board. Usually have an assortment of people on the board, from the high school princlpal to the county judge to policemen. Anyone that alot of people would like to see dunked.

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