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mystic_2008June 26, 2013

I have Windows XP and am wondering if I should change over to Windows 8. I am very happy with XP but I am thinking that perhaps it is getting obsulete. Has any one any suggestions?

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As you note you are happy with XP why would you go to the expense of buying Windows 8 for that computer? Is you computer capable of handling Win 8? What will you do with the Win 8 program once this computer quits? Unless of course you intend to build a computer then the program becomes useless.

Why not stay on course and when you are ready to buy a computer with Win 8 with 64 bit so you can have far more memory than your existing machine.

You will need to ensure your peripherals like webcam, scanner and printer are compatible with Windows 8, in fact I would suggest getting those drivers first if proceeding to ensure they are available. HP refused to provide drivers for my printer and scanner but luckily I managed to get the original drivers off CD to work

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As owbist notes, along with potential connectivity problems, an old PC likely may not have enough "horsepower" to handle a later version of Windows. You're talking about jumping 3 versions ahead (XP-Vista-7-8). I wouldn't waste the effort or money to find out.

What's old and obsolete is the hardware. If it meets your needs as is, keep it. When it stops doing so, get another one.

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No problem keeping what you have if it meets your needs, but if you have a fair to better Internet connection the XP system is timing out. The on-line capabilities are growing and XP. its hardware, and its peripherals could hold you behind.

As S stated your three versions behind now, and quite possibly four in the fall of 2014. Sooner or later you will have to move forward.


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Thanks for your kind words. Guess I will just keep what I have for the time being.

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