Large Mirrors - Framed Mirrors?

tikatooSeptember 27, 2011

Getting down to the fine details. Our now gutted bath had a large unframed mirror over the single sink and counter - no medicine cabinet. We loved it. It reflected the whole outdoors and expanded the room. Now putting in 2 sinks, going around a corner, longer counters, mirrored recessed medicine cabinets, 2 sconces surrounding the med cabs. We are concerned about the mirror being overdone or looking too '80's. It's a lot more mirror than we had and I'm worried it will be overwhelming or 'dated'. Will framing the mirror to match the cabinets look more contemporary? Or just glue it too the wall like the old one - frame-less? Or go with less mirror and let the med cabs stand alone? It's the details that are so hard to sort out!

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I just had this discussion with a kitchen/bath designer when I was purchasing some discontinued floor model vanities for the master bath. He suggested installing a frame for the mirrors and then having the mirror guy install mirrors with beveled edges. He said it would look more finished and pulled together than just purchasing ready made framed mirrors. I think he would have gasped in horror if I had suggested those plate mirrors I think you're talking about. Personally, I don't like them -- they look sort of "builder's grade" and dated to me, but it's really a matter of personal taste. If you love them, go for it!

But don't fall into the trap of picking what you had before just because you're familiar with it. I'm guessing you re-did your bath for a reason!

As for the medicine cabinets, since I don't know where they'll be in relation to the other mirrors you're considering, I can't offer an opinion.

Good luck!!

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I used round mirror clips on our mirror, and it helped make it look contemporary. I may be the only one who thinks that, though, as I haven't heard of anyone else doing it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Clips on Amazon

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lolab - thanks for the input! Yes - somewhat 'builders grade' but I got so used to it being there it is hard to imagine the room with out it! I do like the idea of the beveled edge. The recessed mirrored medicine cabinet will be
surrounded by the mirror - at least at this point! It isn't all that much mirror - I'm just thinking it would look better framed. Still Thinking - lol!

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If you look at the mirrormate website ( you can get an idea of what a lot of existing mirrors look like when framed, whether you opt to use their product or not.

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We just re-did our master bath and had beveled mirror strips applied to frame out the two (L-shaped) plate glass wall mirrors. Here's a photo:

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If you are looking framed mirrors In new York so i suggest you king david gallery for any kind of mirrors. His given me fantastic framed mirrors with installation. I really love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Framed Mirrors

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I recently remodeled my 5x10 guest bath. Previously I had a large unframed mirror (unbeveled) from the top of the 4" backsplash to just under the light fixture.

Now I have a 30x48 framed and beveled mirror that covers most of the space. I did this because I was encouraged both by my designer and GW to do so. It's okay, but I don't love it. If I had it to do again--and there's nothing stopping me from changing it in the future--I would get a nice unframed beveled mirror that fills the space.

Jewel's mirror looks great. Big, yet not calling attention to itself.

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I love that mirror with the bevel strips -- that makes so much practical sense!

In our bathroom, however, we have tiled up the wall and the mirror is going to have to go over the tiles, which I think means it will need framed.

Sort of a hijack:

Is it worth trying to cut and frame the old flat wall mirror (builder-grade style) that was in there before? It's too long now, so we need to take off about 6". Would a framing shop cut and frame it for us, or is that just $$$ and asking for trouble?

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I think you'd want to have a glass store cut the mirror, not the framing store. It would probably be very inexpensive to do.

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Hmmm, so we'd take it to the glass shop for cutting, then the frame shop for framing. I wonder if my DH is willing to do that much running around! I'll look into prices and then propose this to him. As long as it's not MORE than buying a new mirror, it seems like a good way to go for getting exactly what we want and the size we want.

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Agreed with sjhockeyfan -- a glass company will need to re-cut your old wall mirror. That's where you'd also buy the beveled mirror framing (if you want to go that route versus picture-type framing).

During our remodel, we asked our contractor to remove one of our wall mirrors and re-cut it shorter. Unfortunately, through no fault of theirs, the mirror broke when they were trying to get it off the wall. They had warned us that breakage might happen so we were prepared. So you might take a lesson from our experience and include mirror cost in your budget just in case.

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At the suggestion of many at GW, I was considering getting a custom framed mirror. I would provide the frame and my local glass place would cut and fit a beveled mirror into the frame. The cost of a 48x30 1/4" mirror which included installing into a frame was in the region of $125, which I though was very reasonable. Unfortunately the frame I ordered online proved to be too disappointing to use so I ended up buying an already framed mirror.

My point is that, unless you already have a magnificent mirror, it makes more sense to buy a new one than get an existing one modified.

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Here is the captured image of bedroom framing mirrors; a few days ago finally we have done the project with the large framing mirror. Actually, the house looks more modern when the perfect customized mirror hanging on wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Framing Mirror store

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Love the beveled mirror strips!

I also like the round mounts....both are great ideas!

I used glazing points and added strips of wood to get a more detailed "look" a tiny powder room.

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Jewel, your mirrored bathroom is lovely. I like wall to wall mirror if I can get them. I don't like the framed mirrors, just more wood exposed to water and dampness.

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What is the edge on the mirrored medicine cabinets? I would match that.

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We re-did an 80's rental condo, and replaced the wall-to-wall vanity with a free standing one. The mirror covered the whole wall. We had it cut down by a glass company for about $25, and used molding to make a frame. Not the best picture, but I think you can get the idea.

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