checking on NC, Oklahoma, Alabama...

annie1992April 17, 2011

OK, I've been watching the news and there have been violent tornados with dozens dead. Raleigh, N.C. was hit hard.

Teresa, are you OK? David? Beverly? Glenda? Anyone else in that area?

I'm hoping everyone has escaped uninjured and unscathed.


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Thanks for thinking of us, Annie! My immediate area had the storm system sweep through Saturday morning into the afternoon with high winds, heavy rain, and possibly some hail. We were under a tornado warning for 2-3 hours. That's when I do my "scanning the skies" routine anxiously peering out the windows watching the sky and the trees.

We haven't had a tornado onslaught like that since 1987, the news reported today. Shaw University in Raleigh was heavily damaged and has closed the school year early. No final exams, the students will be graded on the work they have completed through the year to this point. Sanford, south and east of me, had tornados touch down and lots of damage. I haven't seen much tree damage in my routine driving around town. My mom couldn't believe that she napped through the whole thing!

Update: I just found out that we had 4-inches of water in the ground floor of our Belvedere here at work, but that has been cleared out over the weekend. I'm told that water is pouring out of the dishwasher in "my" catering kitchen - they're not sure why.


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Tushka, little town we drive through every time we had to Tahlequah, OK was hit pretty bad by a tornado. Two elderly sisters were killed, and a school was badly damaged. It saddens me to see this little town hurt so badly.

Teresa, I hope your dishwasher is okay. That's pretty odd. this weather is crazy!


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Sally, I saw that little town on the news, I first thought it said "Tulsa" and my first thought was DAvid (lakeguy).

I'm hoping he'll check in, or I'm going to have to go find him. Beverly too.


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OK, I just saw Beverly posting over on discussions, so she's OK.

Now David, and anyone else....


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It breaks my heart as I see more of the reports of lost lives, livelihoods, and homesteads.

Prayers for strength for those who have suffered losses.

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What is up with this crazy weather?

Glad everyone is checking in.....David? Are you okay?

We got 3 inches of snow overnight. Guess I won't complain too much....

Just looking at the pictures of the devastation on the news breaks my heart. Stay safe, everyone, I don't think it's over yet.


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Sorry I'm late checking in y'all....I've been on the road all week. Thanks for checking on everyone Annie.

Me and my group are all okay from last weeks storms. Lots of rain, hail, funnel clouds, and tornadoes all around us. Glad to hear everyone is okay. I feel so sad for those who have lost their homes and or family members.

Sally, Iv'e been driving through that little town for years on my way to Dallas or Texas in general. They really took a hard and direct hit.

Linda, I read and heard about the snow up North too. Crazy for sure!

We are under the gun again tonight and most of the weekend according the weather guys. We have had golfball to baseball sized hail and several tornadoes reported. Typical for our part of the country. After the winter we had all over the country I'm thinking it's going be a wild ride for a lot of us.


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David, we had planned on coming up to Tahlequah this weekend. We were all packed and ready to head out Saturday night. Yesterday afternoon, after checking on, I called DH and said, "Let's not go." He said he was hoping I'd say that. The next time we head up there the grass is going to be soooooo tall.

I just hope everyone stays safe over this stormy weekend up there.


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I'm glad everyone is safe so far, has anyone heard from Glenda? I know she doesn't post here often and I'm not sure exactly where in AL she is, but it got stormy, that's for sure.

And Weed/Wendy, is she still in St. Louis?


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Sally, hope your place is on high ground and not close to any creeks or the Illinois. Tahlequah had 10 inches plus of rain over the weekend. The river is suppose to crest 11 -12 feet over flood stage tonight or tomorrow. Stillwell had water running through town everywhere today not to mention many roads closed in the general area. Rain totals in the east side of the state range from 4 - 13 inches. It hailed here at my place three times yesterday. For the most part it was pea to quarter sized for me. I got a littler nervous when I saw a few golf ball sized ones bouncing in the yard.

Annie, I was thinking about Weed too. St. Louis took a good hit Friday night. Glad to hear there were no major injuries from the tornado at the airport. I know there are several levees SW of that area that are on the brink of breaking. The Popular Bluff area is really under the gun with that challenge today.

I think Glenda is in Birmingham??? Hope she checks in too.

Glad to have the rain even though the storms have caused some major damage and loss of life. Too bad they didn't get some in West OK and TX were they are suffering from a major drought. The winter wheat crop isn't going to be all that good this year.

Hope everyone is safe and sound. May is typically the month for the most tornados. April sure has set some records so far and I know those to the East of me have a couple of wild days ahead of them.


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I saw Glenda posting on the Kitchen Table- she is okay.
First time I ever visited the KT - I don't know why I looked at it :)
These storms are so horrible! Keep safe everyone!

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Thanks, magothyrivergirl, I'm glad to hear that. Now Weed...


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