Refrigerator size/fit dilemma

Max12August 4, 2013

Hello all,

I am working on outfitting my first house with new appliances and am stuck at this point with the refrigerator. We want a counter depth style as we don't want the fridge sticking out to far but we have 24" counter on one side and a 31" wall on the other. Getting something like the electrolux icon cd was the way we were going until we realized the doors would open too wide and we most likely could not get the right door open with the width available 37.25". Any ideas?

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Shorten the 31" wall ?

The water line in the side wall is also poor idea for a variety of reasons.

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That's tough. My first thought is to get a single door that is hinged on the left and opens that way. That's inconvenient for use, but it's an option.

My second thought is, like the other poster said, to shorten that wall back to the cabinet depth, but then you'd have to add a couple of inches for the door frame casing. You could do a specially made thinner width casing, also (I have that on one of my doors. It's not very obvious.

Another thought is to get french doors, and if you can't fully open the right door, live with that. You will still be able to open it almost all the way and reach items on that side. The only thing you won't be able to do is remove the veggie bin (but you'll be able to open it partially & still use it).

Whoever planned that kitchen out didn't give this enough thought, seems like. But at least they didn't plan for the stove to be there. It's a tough situation. But having lived years in small places, I've found that there's always a way around a situation. Good luck!

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