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maggie200June 19, 2011

Please tell me why I can't SEE more than i or 2 things on my Outlook calendar for any one day. There is a triangle that indicates there are more things to be seen in a verticle schedule. but that's not how I want it. I put in comments about the day and who is coming. I have categories for some of those events and then just statements to remember. This is for home use and it can be done and I can lose all the triangles but I did something wrong. Getting carpal tunnel and no Micrsoft help from the online services. Does anyone know what I mean?

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Hi, maggie

I don't use Outlook much myself but I do have 2007 on my computer and, since no one has responded to your query yet, I am trying to re-create what you're talking about. I can create a series of 'appointments' for a particular day (e.g. June 21st) and I see the triangle at the bottom right of that day (when looking at the 'month' view of the calendar). But I'm afraid I'm still not clear on what you are used to seeing. Is it something to do with the 'details' (above the calendar: low, medium, and high) ? Or is it when you open the day (by clicking on 'day' [above the calendar]) you don't see the full list of things you've scheduled ? Sorry to be so dense. Could you provide a bit more information as to what view you are looking at (day, week, month) and where you are used to seeing the comments you no longer see ?

Thanks. :-)

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Hello, thanks for trying to help. You are so nice.
I look at a 30-day calender (the "one day" will show all of the entries) and I write in chores for the day and also color coded things called categorized events.
I can not see all of the events for that day which is dangerous or could be because I could miss something. I used to see all the listings for each day which may be 4 items or 2 items. If I want to go back thru the months
to look for a particular event then I have to now click on the triangle maybe. It is hit or miss whether whatyou are looking for is there. I have looked at the settings and tried
different checks to change the "prompt" which I guess is the triangle or the "number of entries" - these are view setting words. It is amazing that it will print out every entry but I can't see it on the screen. The calendar is very useful.
I thank you for delving into this.If I pay Microsoft they will send me to an Outlook specialist who is great but I hoped there were others here who used it. Please don't apologize. You saw that no one answered and tried to help.
Good person.

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Rather than pay MS to teach you perhaps if you Googled 'Outlook tutorials' (it lists over 20 million hits actually) you could find 2 or 3 that were written in a style you are comfortable with. That way there is no expense and assuming you bookmarked suitable tutorials they would be at your fingertips whenever a refresher is needed. You might also use the same search criteria in Youtube. It is amazing how many video tutorials are out there just for the looking.

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Hi, maggie

Thanks for the further explanation.

FWIW, I tried creating some things on my Outlook calendar. See this image. I have tested this several times and, as far as the 30-day view, I will only see 3 items on one date. The triangle will appear if there are more 'below.'

Then when I click on the day in question (Wed.) I get this page, where I do have 4 items listed at the top. Is this the page where you say you only see a few of the items that you have scheduled while others are hidden somewhere ? Or is it on a different page ?

The only reason I'm still a bit confused -- besides, of course, the fact that I'm 'not2bright' ;-) -- is that I only see the triangle on the 30-day page. On the 'one-day' page, no matter how many items I add, I still see them listed at the top of that page. So I'm wondering which page/view you are at when you see the triangle. :-\

(Btw, I added these test events by double-clicking on 'Wednesday' on the 30-day view and filling in the information. Doing it this way adds them to the list at the top of the page on the one-day view. But if I go to the menu bar at the top left and click 'new' and then click 'appointment,' the appointment scheduled will not display in that list of events at the top. It will instead display somewhere below that list, in the hourly listing. Could you be creating different kinds of events that affects where they are visible on the calendar ?)

Anyway, perhaps based on the images of my test calendar you can clarify a bit more where you're not seeing all your events listed. :-)

Also, FWIW, (following owbist's suggestion) I've added below a link to some YouTube tutorials on Outlook Calendar. I haven't looked at any of them yet myself, but perhaps one of them might be of help.

I'll keep playing with Outlook to see if I can find what you're describing. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Outlook Calendar Tutorials

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N2b I hope you got my e-mail. I went on here to look around and give you EVEN MORE info. and yes it is true about the vertical calender which seems to have a mind of its own. I know not to put times in as it gets more confusing. Only do I put in dates if it spans several days. When I go to calender it defaults to the vertical calender instead of the 30 day. There is a rule one can set up in settings that sez someting about that but it still gives you no rights to put in many items for a 30 day calender even though there is room. It will drive you crazy. My kinds of events are not anything but tasks for the day and sometimes span a couple of weeks which is counted as an item each day in that long string of days. BTW, I just discovered that the new computer Best Buy gave me has no sound.That plug in is broken. If anyone knows how to complain to BB top managers I would like to know if I am allowed to ask here for names and numbers.
Hugs, Maggie.

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Hi, Maggie

No, sorry. I didn't get the email. I went into my GardenWeb profile and found I had "allow users to send you email" turned off !! :-( Sorry. I turned that feature on, so feel free to re-send the email, if it isn't too inconvenient.

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Sure. I am waiting on line for Best Buy ( I was forced to spend $200 for Tech support after they slimed my comcast email and outlook and oh, yeh, finally admitted that they sold me a computer with a corrupt hard drive. 20 minute wait with hard rock and commercials at 11:50 pm. Sensory overload. The option is don't buy a computer.Wwe have no one else in the area. Up all night working on it.

Thanks for all you tried.

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n2b. I tried to send you a private email from my gmail using this account and I guess I can't do that or don't know how. However, most of it said the same thing just a few extra facts about me that might be interesting as to my "cause" with this question. So we are stuck and you have learned about Outlook mail. Hugs to your efforts to make me comfortable. Maggie

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Hi, Maggie

I sent you an email. If you haven't gotten it yet, maybe check your spam folder ! ;-)

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