? about broiling in Advantium - x-post

lisa_aAugust 22, 2014

We're getting an Advantium oven, along with a convection oven, when we re*model. I haven't had a chance to use one yet (checking my local appliance store to see if they have a "live" one) so I'm hoping someone here can answer my question.

I've read that it can broil (found info here & elsewhere) but what I can't seem to determine is if it will broil open faced sandwiches like you can in a toaster oven. My youngest son loves to make these but if I can ditch the toaster oven, I' will and use its designated space for storage instead.


(x-post in the kitchen forum.)

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I don't own one yet, but I've looked extensively. I assume you're getting the 240v version. It has a set of halogen elements in the top so it will melt cheese.

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Yes, we are getting the 240v version, weedmeister. Sorry for not including model info in my OP. Thanks for replying!

That's exactly what my youngest son wants it to do so I think it will work for him. Hopefully I can find a "live" unit so I can do a test run before making our final decision.

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If you tell me what your son likes, I can try one for you.

It does a decent job on cheese toast--crispy crust and melted cheese--in "texas toast" mode. I learned that in an experiment (scroll to the middle) comparing it to a toaster oven.

You can brown casseroles. It doesn't broil steaks. :)

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Thanks, plllog! Cheese toast is exactly what my son likes to make: grated cheese on top of English muffins. I've bookmarked that thread to come back to re-read again later.

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