Facebook! Now this?!

ilmbgJune 18, 2013

I have asked about Facebook privacy before. NOW, I get "asked you to be friends" on an account that is NEVER used for anything except as a Homeowners Association communication with other members! None of us (4), have anything to do with Facebook!
How did Facebook even get our addresses!?!
I really feel this is intrusive and rude!
Because our communication with each other is private, as Board members I am horrified at the privacy invasion!
How did this happen?
Now I understand why a friend went with a 'pay' email. She gets no spam or unwanted solicitors. 'Reagan' is $10/year.

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I get invitations like that when people I know join face book. I am assuming the people invite me through face book then face book has my email address.

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But none of us has to log on through Facebook, has any need to 'invite' or has anything to do with FB. We each have an email used ONLY for communicating to each other. HOW could FB connect that address with my real name?

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Another personal assault on readers using exclamation marks.

Do you ever get unwanted phone calls? How about items in the mail you'd rather not have received? Do you react to those with a tantrum?

Hopefully the answer is no, and I'll suggest you should have the same reaction to getting an unwanted email - ignore it. Unless you'd really rather overreact, in which case, please go right ahead.

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The Reagan site shows it to be $40 per year. Unwanted phone calls and unwanted mail? Our gubbermint makes sure that we get only that which we need. Our US Postal Service handles mail so well - gives discounts to whoever wants them (but not me) - and loses billions in their smooth operations. Unwanted phone calls cannot happen to me because I have subscribed to the gubbermint's do not call program. That doesn't work either. Sorry for the gubbermint politics. I signed up for Facelessbook a long time ago (mistake) with a special email account and it accumulates the unwanted friends email. It gets purged periodically.

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You seem to not understand the direction of my inquiry. It has nothing to do with 'over-reacting'.
My question has to do with how FB could gather info when the email account is used only between 4 people, none who belong to FB.
How was FB able to get /connect a personal email address that is just between 4 of us?

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Because one of you clicked on the option to invite the people on your email contacts. So FB takes a look in that address book and sends out the invites. It's not FB, but someone who allowed that option when setting up an account.

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Thanks sushi pup
Just trying to get this through my skull!
So if someone clicked on 'invite' when they were on their personal email, FB can also gather info regarding their work email also? Without asking?!

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FB will get whatever is in the address book.

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PS, it might not have been you. One of the other people might have done it.

You: "Who allowed these addresses on Facebook?"

Joe Blow: Thinking: ("oops, I blew that one.")
talking: "Wasn't me!"

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I don't believe FB can get in and look at all of your email addresses. When someone joins FB they can invite their friends and family by giving FB our addresses. That has been done to me twice, both times they used my friends and families address, not my disposable one. I didn't join but still continued got invitations from FB for a short time. It was not all of my emails just the one my family members gave them.

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I know when FB recommends people I might know to friend and they were people I knew I was confused at first how FB would know that I know them since I have everything blocked on facebook and don't friend anyone and only play my few games on there.

I then realized all the people they suggested I might want to friend were in my address book on the computer. That is the only way FB could have suggested those people.

Heck on my smart phone when my addresses got transferred over from my basic talk phone all of a sudden a few of my contacts had pictures with them so it must have synched with my online address book and gathered the photos from their facebook since they were used in their facebook profile photo. Funny how all this stuff works these days. Mary

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