Weather in Mid-South-Everyone Okay?

mustangs81April 26, 2011

Tornados and Ohio River expected to crest at or above flood stage!

I try to evision myself and family in these horrific situations; it helps me be sincerly concerned and at the sametime thankful.

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We just had strong winds, a lot of really big trees were toppled but no damage at my house. I think we're supposed to get a doozie tomorrow. The wind seems to blow most all the time lately.


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Well, scratch the previous post. No structural damage but I just started to walk down toward the back of our property and there are 2 huge chestnut trees uprooted in my wildflower area. Breaks my heart because I'll lose a lot of them if we have the trees taken out now. May convince DH that as bad as it looks it may make more sense to wait until late fall when they are gone for the season.

Still lucky and trivial compared to a lot of folks.


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Like the rest of the country we've been watching all the loss of life & property from these awful storms. I's terrible. I'm glad those trees didn't come down on your house, jude. Although as another gardener I can sure understand your feelings about the spring wildflowers (my Virginia Bluebells are just budding!).

As offshore boaters, we've always had an interest in weather so we went & took the NWS's (part of NOAA) class/test & became certified spotters for their Skywarn program & our area's been quiet, thank goodness. But it was just Easter 2010 weekend that we had a 500 year flood here. FEMA has rewritten the flood maps because of that storm.

Be prepared & stay safe everybody in the paths of this year's nasty weather.


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Ok here.

It hit Tennessee/Kentucky border counties pretty hard. Their schools are closed today. I was in such a hurry, I don't know if it's out power, destroyed buildings or just plain too much water. Probalby all of it.

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Lots of damage in Jackson, TN/north of I-40 area. Trees on houses/cars, power lines down. I've not been following the news but I believe there are still folks without power. I called my husband ysterday afternoon (round 1) to warn him the storm heading his way was not fooling around and I spotted a funnel cloud about 5 miles north of me (never touched down).

Second round hit around midnight or so. Little town of McLemoresville got hit pretty hard last night with trees down all over the place. There were reported winds in the MO bootheel of 100 MPH.

This is on top of some bad storms late last week with more to come. Round three expected later today. Round four later tomorrow.

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I see there are still violent storms in several states. We had a tornado here, but fortunately it flattened a couple fo barns and that was all. The river here at Croton is already higher than it's been since 2004, and we're supposed to get a couple more inches, but after a "100 year flood" several years ago, no one was allowed to rebuild in the flood plain, so they're figuring some minor flooding in cottages only.

We had some 90 MPH straight line winds several days ago, but again, only property damage. No flowers here at all, though, it's still in the 40s and 50s.

It's sure nothing like Missouri, with the levees about to go or the airport damaged, or North Carolina with 28 people killed in April or Arkansas....

The Weather Channel says there have been 292 confirmed tornadoes in the US this April, the current record is 1974 when there were 267, it's been a crazy stormy year.

Elery's sister and BIL live in Tennessee and they keep telling me they have "the worst weather ever", but they're still safe and sound.

I hope everyone else stays safe too, there's not much warning before a tornado.


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We are under another tornado watch here today (Thursday) until 12 noon. Yesterday we were also under a watch for several hours. Greensboro had some hail last night, but the storms seemed to move north and east of me so we didn't get a direct hit. It is much grayer and darker right now than it has been - as I peer out the windows of my company's lobby.
My 100 year old windows were rattling a lot last night (even with storm windows) and there was at least one malfunctioning traffic light on my way in this morning. But I didn't see any major damage of trees down yet.

Teresa, in Burlington, central Piedmont area of NC, where we are now getting hard rain

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Okay, one more hour of tornado watch for you--I pray that you dodge any destructive weather.

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Teresa, I hope your area stays safe and your odl windows hold firm. I saw a lot more storms last night, I hope everyone else checks in.


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