suggestions on these 2 brick colors

jarondishnerJuly 15, 2012

My wife and I are building a home. She did not want to pick out any colors up until last week and now we only have 1 week to make the decision.

So the first thing we pick was a black onyx roof. It was a last resort because we did not know what color brick we wanted.

Next, our trim and windows will be choice because we waited too late to pick the color of the windows or we would have went with beige or tan.

So if anybody is familiar with Silas Lucas brick. How do you think it will look with a black roof and white trim?

I uploaded a pick of the home were building. He had already built the floor plan in the past.

My wife wants to stick with the same color brick.

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1st color, which is the original home that builder has built in the past.

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the next 2 picks are the color we are thining about

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and another

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and one i tried to photoshop with black roof and white trim

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I am no expert, but I like the grayer brick that you show in the first picture.

Although it does not have a black roof I think that it will look nice.

All the options look ok. Although I can understand wanting to make the right choice, having only a week can make you doubt your decisions. I think no matter which you choice it will be lovely.

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Black roof seems like it would increase heat in attic in summer.

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