Shallowest counter depth fridge?

kmmhAugust 2, 2013

I thought I had it all figured out. We picked out one of the new Ge fridges and then it turns out it needs two inches of clearance in the back. We were already pushing the boundaries of a built in. We can't afford a built in, but are looking for as close to a built in look that we can get. Who makes the shallowest counter depth fridge that would give us the most built in look? We would like french door, freezer on the bottom. I would like water inside or out.

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Liebherr CS2062 24.25" internal water $5.4k

Viking Professional Series VCFF136DSS 26 1/8" ~$4k water and ice in-door

KitchenAid Architect Series II KBFS20EVMS 26 7/8" internal water $1569

Whirlpool Gold GI0FSAXVY 28 7/8" water & ice in-door $2419

Usually I tell people to avoid Viking like the plague but this is an old trusty Whirlpool design made on old Whirlpool tooling inside an old Whirlpool factory now owned by Viking. I don't think even Viking can f this up.

All CD are not built-in. The specs will specify some clearances. Many ignore which means compressor will work harder, use more energy, face a premature death.

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Thank you deeageaux!
Are those ranked in any order?
"Best" to "worst"?
First choice to last?
Oh, I see it's size wise. Is there one that you would recommend over the others?
Thanks again!

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Liebherr is the best overall unless you belong to a full glass of ice at every drink type clan. It makes slightly better than average quality ice but maybe enough quantity to fill two 12 oz glasses three quarters every 24 hrs. It seems kind of silly to spend this much on a fridge then buy a countertop ice-maker. But if you don't use that much ice maybe this fridge is for you.

Viking is the next shallowest and makes as much ice as any counter-depth but is kinda spendy for what you are actually getting.

The KA is a bargain.

Whirlpool Gold has all the features for a decent price but is pushing the concept of counter-depth.

If you have read some of my post in other threads I sometimes tell people there is a right choice and a wrong choice and sometimes a downright dumb choice. :)

But here it really depends on your particular priorities and the relative of importance of each feature you are looking for in a fridge.

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I have not noticed our Liebherr to be slow on ice. #HCB1561, it's five months old and we use quite a bit of ice, especially this summer. I don't think I've seen the ice bucket down past half full, which is a decent size, 600+
Love the fridge by the way, and it was at least a couple grand less than the comparable size S-Z...

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