Master bath renovation pictures

jdougjoSeptember 14, 2013

Finally finished my master bath renovation project. Had final inspection yesterday

Room is actually gray, but have cheap multi-color LED strip lighting and was on blue when most of these pictures was taken.

I designed it and GC'ed the project to save money. Spent a bundle anyway.

We're enjoying it very much.


Here is a link that might be useful: My bathroom pictures

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Very nicely done!

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Very, very nice - would you share some details on the materials and the steam shower?

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Wanted very low maintenance so all porcelain tile. 24x12 floor and walls, 4x4 shower floor and 1" mosaic on shower ceiling and accent.

Mapei Opticolor epoxy grout

Granite is Cold Spring from Daltile Stone. Bought through HD and installed by Old Castle.

Heated floor using MasterHeat wire and radiant positioning mats (RPM) from

Tub is MTI-27 Swanee air tub. Bought from local plumbing supply as price was competitive with online and they held it in their warehouse till I was ready for it.

All plumbing fixtures are Hansgrohe. All Hansgrohe stuff bought on Amazon.

- 12" rain head
- clubmaster shower head
- fixed handheld

controlled by Quatro diverter - lets you run any of three heads or any 2 at once

Hansgroghe iBox rough-in has 3/4" inputs. Plenty of pressure. Thermostatic trim with volume control. Works great. Infinite control of volume with great temperature control. Took the 1/2" pipe that used to be a supply line and made it a return to hot water heaters (I have 2 since my house used to be heated using domestic hot water) and installed a Grundfos pump so have a dedicated master bath hot water recirculating loop for instant hot water.

It all works very well.

Tub fixtures also Hansgrohe. Thermostatic with diverter for handheld and spout.

Toilet and sinks are Toto - Amazon also. Sink faucets also Hansgrohe

For steam shower we had to build a ceiling so framed a cantilevered structure off the attic. Ceiling is barrel shaped to deal with condensation. Kerdi board on shower walls, Duroc with Kerdi on ceiling. Schluter 48" shower base, curb, and drain. All Schluter materials bought locally at better price than I could find on web. Prefab foam niche.

Steam generator is above in attic. Thermasol PRO-140. All Thermasol stuff bought at when they had a 15% off Thermasol sale. Everything was shipped directly from Thermasol to me. Even bought one of the over priced Thermasol shower lights as I wanted something that would seal well. Generates steam in under a minute and raises temp to 100 degrees in under 10. Very quiet. Very nice to sit on that seat in the steam and have a soft cold shower from rain head.

Glass is regular 3/8" clear glass - 92" tall. Glass guy convinced me to have floor to ceiling door instead of fixed panel or transom above. Turns out he was right. Only hardware is 4 clamps and door hinges so looks clean. Dries fast with door open. A little under $2400. My other 2 estimates for glass were $3400 and $3600. As always - shop around.

Shower walls and ceiling insulated. It's like the "Cone of Silence" in there.

Custom cabinet made by a guy I found when we did our kitchen. Lives in the country about 50 miles outside Raleigh. Stained to match Moen shower seat (also Maybe a bit too dark for my taste but OK. Tried to maximize storage. The countertop tower has an electrical outlet.

Wife wanted the lighted makeup mirror. Was easy to pull power from adjacent outlet.

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I really like your bathroom!

Couple of questions. Re getting into your tub. I haven't begun BR#3 which will have an AirBath too. I don't know where to put faucets yet, as I am trying to figure out how much room I need to climb into tub. Looks like you have one faucet (that's a good idea, saves a few inches), how much space is there between spout and vanity?

#2 how is the granite trim cut for your tub? All one piece? Was that expensive, ie was there waste?

Would be very happy if that BR was in my house! Well done!

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There's a story behind that. I had resigned myself to put it at the end just to make sure there was plenty of space. But, when we were mounting hardware it didn't want to fit right because of the lip on this tub.

So we moved it to where it is. I was a little uneasy about it until we got it done.

It's 27" from spout to vanity. But, we get in fine either stepping over holding the spout and/or vanity for support. Or when getting in sitting behind the spout and swinging legs over and when getting out sit in the corner by the wall and swing them out. There is plenty of room if you know which way to sit. But, if you had bad physical problems or maybe were really obese it might be a problem. We aren't frail, but we're no spring chickens either.

It's very out of the way when you are in the tub.

As for the granite that's another story. I had visited the granite store, a big Daltile granite yard east of Raleigh and decided on what I wanted to use. But I hadn't yet got a fabricator. I had thought the tile guy had it covered.

I asked the granite lot for a fab recommendation but they don't give out the names of fabricators because those guys are their main customers. But, she told me HD sold it and I decided to take a chance with them so I could proceed without delay. I paid by the sq ft. and it was under $2000. Seemed OK, but to be honest I'm not sure. Done a few granite projects and this seemed in line, but I didn't actually go back and compare.

HD subcontracted to a big company called Old Castle and I was very happy dealing with them.

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Tub surround is 3 pieces as is curb. Piece by glass needs to slope correctly.

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Thanks for the details - I absolutely love this shower. Would you say that 48" is minimum space for this? I have a 42" space designed in but sure would like to expand if I can.

With this thermasol equipment and an insulated tiled shower could any shower become a steam room?

Did you do the work yourself? Do you want to come build another one?

What is the name of your porcelain tile choice? I think I read, maybe on the icloud picture show, that this chair was far more stable than the teak stook you previously had - is this more comfortable for taking a steam?

Really like the cold spring granite - we had honed in on that for countertops but had the darnest time with HD in the NE that insisted it was called White Spring on the east coast (not true) Then went to granite yard near Boston where they had it in inventory - but there was only one corner of the slab that had the beautiful patterns. Yours is very very nice.

We also had an issue with tube faucet placement - and it ended up off center on the non-wall side. Looked odd at first but getting use to it and it makes it very easy to access the plumbing if needed.

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Love it you did an amazing job! Can I ask you more about your shower seat? I checked it out on and it says it is "wood" is it teak or just some type of wood? Did you have to add special blocking to the back wall of the shower? Was it difficult to drill through the tiles to mount the seat? Thanks!

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Even with 48" I have to be careful not to put my foot too close to steam head. You could do it with 42". It's just going to be a little tighter. I moved my toilet 12" so I could make mine 48". I probably could have gone a few inches longer but 48" made it simple.

I did not do the work myself. It would take me forever and I would tire of it. I hired guys and did a little and butted in a lot which is much more fun for me.

I hired the following contractors:

- A guy to do the demo and frame the structure that supports the shower ceiling and the tub surround framing. I know his parents. He's quite good. I also hired his hispanic helper and a compadre of his to remove the old wall paper and clean out my attic while I had a dumpster.

- Hired another guy that was primarily a tile guy. He also did most of the plumbing (including plumbing in the generator) with a little help from me. He and I both did minor electrical like moving boxes. He also had the usual crew of hispanics including one guy that did most of the prep and tile as well as the heated floor with my help.

- I had an electrician upgrade my electrical service to 400A (I have some hungry kitchen appliances) and installed an attic sub-panel with a circuit for the generator and one for the heated floors.

- Had a drywall guy to drywall the framing holding up the shower ceiling and fix the walls that were wallpapered and where we put holes for electrical work.

- Painters

- Cabinet maker

And then there was the glass guys and granite guys. So, had to deal with 8 different contractors and about 6 or 7 different city inspectors.

I designed it using Google Sketchup so everyone knew the dimensions of everything.

Don't recall the specific tile but got it at Mosaic tile. I was wrong on the shower floor tiles - they are 3".

HD did call it something other than Cold Spring but the guy knew what I wanted. After I made the purchase I didn't deal with HD anymore. Just the stone yard and the fabricators.

A steam shower should be built very carefully to insure there is no chance of steam leaking into your walls or ceiling.

There are a few different technologies and systems to do this. I went with the Schluter System.

You also typically slope the ceiling so you don't get water droplets falling on you as a result of condensation.

It's a bit of a pain and adds quite of bit of expense. I would do it again.
The bench is not exactly comfy. It's a teak bench. Kinda hard and flat. But, it's awesome. We added backing between the studs that this thing is anchored into. It's not going anywhere. Folds very easily and is good quality.

I spent a lot of time planning and dealing with contractors. Do I want to do yours? Wouldn't mind if I could earn as much as I do for a living. Unfortunately don't think that's going to happen.

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12x24 ceramic tiles are hard and thick. Very hard to drill through but possible. Seat has 6 long screws it attaches with. We drilled through tile and backing, blew out holes with compressed air to remove dust, filled holes with silicone and then drove the screws. It is teak and requires oiling if you don't want it to weather.

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Hahaha "cone of silence"! Love that show!

Lovely bathroom, the glass makes it seem so open.

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Knew there would be some in the GW crowd to get the GS reference :-) It's the age.

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pkspigs - i have no way to reply to your email.

The rough and trim parts for the Hansgrohe tub fixtures are


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