attachments ???

redrabbitJune 15, 2013

What do I need to do to get or open pictures sent with a e-mail. I get a empty square with a red x in the corner ?? If I forward it or reply to it the picture will appear. I hope I explained this right .Thanks

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Use a right-click on the red you get an option to display the image? Does it work?

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Yea it might be your email's security blocking the images. There should be an option right in the email itself to "show images"

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No option to display the image or to show images. Could it be the way they are sent to me ???

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Hopefully these emails are from a known source? If not then delete sudden like.

What happens when you right click anywhere in the empty square?

Ask the sender to send again but 'attach' rather than 'insert' the picture and see what happens.

Ask the sender what the suffix is to these pics. That is the 3 letters after the dot - .jpg .bmp .png are 3 examples.

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These e-mails are from known source's,I believe they are mostly forwards.When I right click on the box I get a option box of which nothing will open these. If i reply or forward the same e-mail the boxes show what are in them ?? I guess these are not attachments.

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