Miele DW auto open on Diamond only?

shannonazAugust 6, 2012

Hi guys,

I am once again researching Miele dishwashers since I am putting two of them in my new kitchen. I'm out of town and can't remember the name of my current Miele but it is 6 years old and has the water softener and delay start so it is akin the dimension, it might be the Optima. Anyway, several posts on GW talk about the auto-open on Dimension Plus but the Miele website only shows the auto-open on the Diamond. The price difference on AJ Madison and ABT (just for comparison) is huge. Auto-open would work perfectly with the way I use my DW-delay to run in the middle of the night, unloaded first thing in the am- but I am not sure I want to spend 500 or more bucks for that.

Does the current Dimension Plus have auto-open despite not showing it on the Miele site?

Okay, I read through the manuals! The Dimension Plus does open the door at the end of the cycle for improved drying; it is referred to as "drying plus."

The manual of the Diamond uses the same language as the Dimension Plus and refers to the door opening as "drying plus"

The description of the Diamond specifies Auto Open Drying as a special feature that opens the door and allows for air circulation, the Dimension Plus does not, yet the manual information seems the same for both of them. Is there any difference between these two features? What am I missing?

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My appliance sales person researched this for me this week and told me Dimension+ does have the auto open feature even though it does not list it in the brochure.

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I'm pretty sure both those have the auto open drying feature at the end of the last rinse cycle, but the Diamond adds the auto close feature, so that when you push the door shut, at a certain point it has a motor that closes the rest of the way. On the auto open, it is just a metal or plastic piece that sticks out and pushes the door open a couple inches. I've seen it at the Miele showroom in Boca FL.

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current print brochure: "With AutoOpen drying, the Futura Diamond models automatically release the dishwasher door as the chosen drying even the most challenging surfaces, like plastic. This air cirulation also creates rapid cooling for the safe removal of kithenware once clean."

[I think they meant drying cycle but that'a how it reads]

Later on the individual specs charts, only the Diamond models have "auto close"; all Diamond and Dimension Plus, and most Dimension and Crystal models have "ComfortClose", whatever that is.

Don't know if the brochure is accurate, or if they haven't made running changes in the design since it was printed.

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Okay, so this is clear as mud. I read the same info as Lee and only the Diamond is described as having "AutoOpen" but the Dimension Plus and Diamond both have what the manual describes as "Drying Plus" at the end of the cycle for improved drying. I guess I will just call Miele when I get closer to ordering. Grr.

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just get the Diamond like me. It also has bad ass LEDs inside too when you open it. It is DW porn. Buy the Diamond. You will regret it otherwise.

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Yeah it would be nice if appliance manufacturers just described whatever features their appliances have, rather than feed their bizarre need to give every feature some registered-trademark name like "FlexiCare Plus" or "ComfortClose" that leave potential buyers confused and clueless as to what they are.

None of the local vendors have any dishwashers that are plugged in so I've never seen the Miele Diamond LED lighting, though the blue glow inside the new Thermador dishwashers may eclipse the Miele re: the bad-ass factor. Miele's white LEDs much better for actually seeing what's in your dishwasher and whether it's clean, but nothing says "high-end kitchen" quite like colored mood lighting in your dishwasher....

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I've seen the Diamond at the local Miele showroom, and the white LEDs are nice and bright. I like how they look over the blue ones.

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Taking a look at the Miele site, it does list the Dimension Plus and Diamond to have the Auto Door Open for drying, but not on the regular Dimension. The Diamond is the only one to have the auto door close and LED lighting.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.mieledirectseller.com/stores/AMDS_Full/amds_full/item_details.aspx?product_category_id=2&product_group_id=0amp;product_subgroup_id=33&item_id=606&product_type=CORE&custom_tab_id=33&item_number=

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Thank you! I am now confident that the Dimension Plus has what I need. I was looking at the Miele USA site and it isn't very clear. I am not familiar with the site you posted and the links don't work but I think it's clearer now that the Dimension Plus does have the door opening feature regardless of what it is called!

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele website

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