Returning a Fridge

shyvAugust 14, 2012

I bought a fridge from a store for about 7000$. The one that was delivered to us is not the same as the one we looked at the floor. For e.g this one is not stainless steel, and all three doors (a french style with 2 side doors & a bottom door) have sharp edges which cuts people deep if one is not very careful. We actually ended up going to an ER because of this Fridge.

I want to return it. But store is asking for 25% restocking fee (for a defective product they delivered to me). I think this is not fair. Can I sue them? Do I stand a chance?

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What is the model number of the floor sample. Is that the same as is on your sales agreement? Take pictures. If a credit card was invoved contact customer service for your card to dispoute the charge.

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Agree. And always remember - to check the appliance BEFORE it enters your house. We had to have 3 deliveries of our Bosch subcompact washer/dryer - since they were damaged. A third party picks them up from Bosch and delivers them to the store warehouse. A different third party delivers them - tossed on the truck along with the discarded appliances being picking up, so lots of jostling. I finally checked with Bosch and they told me it was a common problem and that under no circumstances should I accept delivery or it would become a "repair" problem. They told me they have a person check each item before it leaves Bosch. As it happens, I knew a woman whose husband was an executive at the appliance store in question - and the same thing happened to them. Only difference was that her husband was able to go to the warehouse and supervise his washer. I can't see a restocking fee being applicable if they sent the wrong fridge - so hopefully the fridge info is on your bill. Otherwise you have a problem. I doubt suing would help if you do not have proof.

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