What would you change if you rebuilt your town house or house

heartspeaceJuly 14, 2012

So I'm building a new town house, and don't want to make mistakes or regret not changing our building anything later. I'm talking not a total custom house but just ideas that you would like, to give me some more ideas of what to do or not to do. I realize this is very subjective. Still I love learning from others. If you have built more than 1 then also think back to your first and what you wish you had done. it's about 2900 sqft, 3 bdrm, finished basement, etc. Im just looking for this perhaps i missed. I don't have a large budget sure to some special purchases needed for my disability. Just thinkof your own desires and past experiences. It's more of hearing your stories, rather than specific advice for me.


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I am generally pretty happy with how our house turned out. It is about 3550 sq ft traditionally styled house. The only thing that I am kicking myself about now is the fact that while the house is perfect for the four of us, and could very easily handle another child (or 2!) I stupidly didn't plan for the fact that we had promised our dd a dog when she turned 10. Just didn't think about it in the design process, stupid, stupid, stupid. We do have a nice mudroom/laundry room near the back door with cubbies, lockers, sink, closet...it is perfectly designed for the 4 of us. It is NOT perfectly designed to accomodate a large dog crate and assorted dog paraphernalia. We are actually going to get a smaller breed than I really want due to this. We "could" expand the room...but who wants to take that on after just finishing their dream home? Plus, it would involve additional foundation and square footage as we cant rob from the adjoining room or garage. We'll make it work, but it is annoying that it could have been perfectly designed from the get-go. Sigh...

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My one real regret is the side porch of my house enters through my laundry/mud room and that room is WAY too small.

It would have been so easy to redesign that area.

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I would change the porch.
It would be larger and wrap around the house.

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i'd go back in time and hire an architect from the get-go so i didn't waste time and money making it all work.

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