3 Master Suite/Laundry Layouts - what do you think?

autumn.4July 13, 2013

I have linked my original thread 1st Draft Floor plan help - as it was getting very long.

Here are 3 layouts that I drew up based upon some of the feedback I have received here and on the bathrooms board, etc.. Thanks for helping to spark some ideas!

There is definite space for hand towel bars but I don't see any option for bath towels except for hooks in all 3 (#3 has one area but it's not great). I am avoiding a pocket door from the master to the bathroom as I think it would be noisy in the middle of the night.


Dh doesn't prefer the closet first. I feel like it looks more symmetrical and less 'chaotic'. It may buffer noise from sink/shower/toilet better. Allows for an inswing door that wouldn't protrude into the bedroom.


Dh's favorite. It does the job - toilet is quite open but we are rarely in there at the same time. To allow for some privacy we could have the door inswing to block the toilet but that seems like a pain and we'd likely only close the door if someone else was in our home or we were going to shower etc. also. Neither of us feel we NEED a closed in space but it does face opposite a sink with a mirror.... Hmmm.


I had to steal some from the master to get it to work but we could then avoid the bump out (saves money I think) and line up that wall which would actually change it from 14 x 15'6 to 16 x 14. We will be having our bed against the wall as shown below (it's not to scale but it is a king sized bed):

So - goods? Bads? Terribles?

Thanks in advance!

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What if you made the closet and the laundry room one big room and have an island in the center like a kitchen, for folding, laying out stuff, etc. and have the hanging area some where else. The island could house the W/D if there was the re-enforcement to handle the vibration of a front loader. My new Miele set recommends having the washer be along a load bearing wall, and have it on a 1.5 inch wood platform to manage vibration. This is if it is on a wood joist system. If this will be concrete than no problems.

edited to mention that I thought I was on the bathroom forum, I don't know how this got here.

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I like the first one, but I'd split the front window and put one narrow one in the laundry and the other in the bathroom. I'd also have a real swinging door, between the laundry and bathroom. Moving the window should make that easier.

One other thing...your hall closet might be too deep. I don't know if you have enough room for the laundry room door from the hallway. A shallower closet (maybe built-in shelves/linen storage?) might be a better fit.

I do like your plan much better than the original...I wouldn't like opening the laundry room door and walking into the washer. If you move the window, it would be even nicer. Hope that helps :)

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Laundry areas tend to be really dusty. I wouldn't want it to be open to my closet.

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Autumn - I hope one of the design gurus helps you out or that your architect offers you solutions that work better.

Your front windows & elevation are still making the space difficult to perfect, huh? I think you should have, at least, a pocket door between laundry and master area. You might never close it, but it would be nice for future owners. I can't think of a solution to that with these layouts, though.

Are you accounting for wall size in your sketches?

Overall, I like the first plan. As you stated, it gives you the closet to block noise, which is ideal for your lifestyle. The toilet isn't that much further, but you have a little noise buffering between the toilet and the bedroom. That might help you keep romantic thoughts towards each other if that makes sense.

When hubby comes home, where will he leave his uniform/boots/gear/duty belt/etc in these plans?

In the entryway, couldn't you make it smaller and use more of that closet & floor space in other areas? I might not be reading your sketches right, but I feel like there is wasted space in that area. Can you try sketching the smallest entry necessary (not cramped, but not so generous in floor space) and make that coat closet smaller? Functionally, that space can be better added to your laundry or master closet unless you have a specific purpose in mind for the hall closet...

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LL-that is what started this whole thing - the windows are apart in the drawn plan but it messes up what we like in our 'inspiration' elevation. Go figure!

Enduring - we have a top load washer and dryer that's pretty new - but that's not to say we'd not change over at some point. But for now I have to plan it with the top load in mind. The island sounds really cool and would be a great surface area for folding - ironing (I have been known to skip the ironing board for about any flat surface near by), etc. I am not sure I can part with the hanging area though. With double rods you'd think that would be enough but.......ya know how that goes! I am trying to balance hanging and drawer space. I hang almost everything except undergarments and grubby yard work clothes.

lyfia - ugh. :( Ours doesn't get terrible but you are right it does have more lint floating in the air.

Lolauren-my drawings are hard to read a bit - sorry. There IS a pocket door planned for the wall that is between the closet and the master. It will likely not be closed often but I want that choice and it gives additional sound buffer from the washer and dryer. I actually really only want a nice little space for a bench and some hooks for the front entry. We have infrequent guests and they really only have a jacket and shoes and so that would more than suffice. Here is a pic of one I saw at a parade home this year. Granted it's recessed and pretty small but I really thought it a perfect solution!

Hubby changes into uniform at the 'office'. He comes and goes in plain clothes - they do not take a car home. All of his off season uniforms we can easy store in the basement - all that poly/wool is THICK and takes up a bunch of room.

The hall closet there I think will end up being more like 2x5 and hold extra blankets maybe and pillows. I don't know - we have a lot of that kind of stuff. Maybe we will put shelving in one side for games, etc. We have a lot of those too!

I did draw up and option #4 but haven't scanned it yet. It allows for a bit of privacy for the WC but still no door and does shrink that closet a bit. This is more difficult than I thought. I hope to present some ideas and see what he can work up within our sq footage. I didn't plan for the 6" wall spacing even though I know it's there - I'm hoping he can figure that out too! My eyes are crossing from counting little squares. ;)

Putting these windows together is a bugger. I think I could get used to them apart quite easily but it's a no go for DH. :(

edit:: missed half of my reply!

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