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jane__nyMay 1, 2013

I have zone alarm on my computer (XP). I keep getting this popup and when I click 'update' I get Server cannot be found. I have checked Zone Alarm directly and it says I'm up to date. I have the free version and I know they are always trying to get you to buy, but I'm careful not to.

This is very annoying and has been going on for 2 weeks. It appears legit but makes no sense since the link doesn't work. Took a print screen to see if there is anything which appears suspicious about this popup.


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Have you ran Malwarebytes or another good spyware program

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TulsaRose z7a, Tulsa OK

Be sure you are running the latest version of ZA Free ver.

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If your Windows version has a firewall feature, you probably can use that and uninstall/delete the Zone Alarm program altogether.

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Thanks but the pop up continues. I have the latest version, I do not use Windows firewall (XP), and when I click on the link (screen-shot) I get 'server not found.' I use the Free version and do not have their toolbar nor other stuff. Just the firewall.

I checked their forum and apparently someone else has the problem and was told to uninstall and reinstall. This person does not have exactly the same problem because they don't have the latest version.

Oh well, I'll just live with it. Thought I'd let anyone know in case they are having the same problem.


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