Wolf 36' Dual Fuel DF366 pricing - tips needed

hydrangea_2008August 7, 2008

Hi - I was wondering if anybody in this forum could chime in on how much they paid for a Wolf 36" 6 burner dual fuel range. I got a couple of bids locally that seem up to 2K off from what I see on Ebay.

Also - the appliance salesman seems to be pushing me toward only the dual fuel and calls the all gas range (wolf 36"), "crap" (when talking about burners).

Any input on that as well?

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I think that's "crap". I have the AG - shopped for both - and I'd take open burners over closed any day. I cook on both - open at home, closed at the beach, and far prefer the open. Plus you get the infrared broiler on the gas version. Of course you give up self-cleaning.

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I have AG as well and I LOVE IT!
Although I should say, I rarely use it. The oven on the 36" is cavernous and takes a really long time to pre-heat properly. I'm just somewhat energy-conscious. I would really feel guilty trying to heat it up with electrical vice gas and $$$ too.
I only use it when I'm cooking say, 9 racks of baby back ribs for 4th of July (yummy) or roasting two chickens (one's not enough for our family for one dinner). We use the KA electric convection wall oven for 90% of our oven needs.

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Thanks. Would you be willing to share how much you paid for your wolf 36" range (if you have one).

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I'm getting the Dual Fuel because I much prefer electric ovens, and the self-cleaning is a big plus.

But I also say it's "crap". The open burners on the AG was what made going to DF a tough choice. The two big plusses of the DF were almost offset by the open burners that I really would have preferred.

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First of all, I really have no aversion to purchsing items online. I also have had success purchasing certain items from ebay. However, I would NEVER consider a purchase of this caliber on ebay. Wolf and SZ, as much maligned as they may be for it, have VERY strict pricing polices. I would personally be skeptical of the circumstances that an ebay dealer could avoid those standards and price lower.

Next, appliance salespeople say the darndest things! 8 years ago when I was shopping for a Wolf, the sales person all but scolded me for considering the DF model. That was when they were pretty new to the market I think but his direction was more price driven than performance. The DF was a SIGNIFICANT upgrade and his comment was "Who would ever want to pay that much for the ability to self clean?" and..."we have never had a request for or sold one." FWTW.

Anyway, I am at opposite ends with your guy as relates to their point on open burners, a topic as you well know is openly and candidly debated here. Not having used sealed burners at this level of equipment, I cannot speak first hand as to which is king but open burners are certainly far from crap.

I HAVE used both electric and gas ovens at this level and can say with hands on experience that I prefer electric when it comes to the oven. My experience with the 36 inch gas Wolf oven is that it cooks VERY hot, especially from the bottom. Getting a batch of cookies or corn bread nicely browned on top but not burned on the bottom takes a lot of finess and I was never able to completely compensate for the limitation. In all fairness, my 30 inch gas ovens have performed much better in all respects a compared to the 36 inch. Currently I have 2 30 inch gas ovens and one 30 inch electric. The 30 inch gas ovens way out perform their 36 inch counterpart (much more even heat) but still will not do that delicate baking (and not always so delicate) that the electric oven delivers. Whether this same comparison holds true for the 36 inch version of electric, I cannot speak to although I have not heard any complaints about it in GW as I have about the 36 inch gas, regardless of make.

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breezy_2, this is superb information. I really wanted to focus on the burners - which was why I was going toward the 36" (just dont have enough room for a rangetop and a wall oven). Your input is pushing me toward a 30" DF Wolf. I am going to lose burner real estate- but hey - how often does one cook on more than 4 burners (me, that is),

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Up until a week ago, I was getting the DF366. I decided to go with the 48" in order to get the smaller oven. :)

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I have to echo what was said about pricing. You are not going to find a legitimate spread like that in Subzero/Wolf pricing. I'd be leary too.

As far as the burners, I think you'll do well with either Wolf burner. I have the sealed burners because DH didn't like the look of the open and said he wouldn't buy them. I'd never had open and wasn't sure about cleaning them, so I didn't fight for them. But I decided on Wolf over the other brands when I saw a Wolf gas range hooked up for demo. They were the sealed burners and the flame was so nice and tight and well-controlled that I decided it was what I wanted right then and there. That was the sealed burner, and the open burner might be tighter, but I think the even the seealed buirner had a better flame pattern that the others I was looking at. I'm not sure you can go wrong on either.

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If 4 burners works fine for you and you won't miss the burner realestate, then that is perfect. For me, I could not give up the extra butners so, if chosing again, I would go back with the 36 and continue ro adjust to the 36 inch oven's limitations not the least of which is a 35-45 minute preheat time to about 350-450 degrees. Also, if I had rate real estate as wasted, it would be the 36 inch oven for me. The vast cavernous space went largely wasted.

I also echo part of lascatx's comments that I do not think sealed vs open performance are going to be a huge factor. My consistent bewilderment revolves around the view that sealed is easier to clean and maintain than open. My view is the opposite.

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My DF 48 Wolf just arrived yesterday. I did look at buying one on Craigslist from a guy in Florida and it turned out to be a scam. Fortunately we figured him out before he got our money, so just be careful.

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breezy_2, I absolutely will miss the burner real estate- but dont seem to have other options. I dont want to get a larger oven just to get the 36" on top.

I should research this some more to see if I can maybe get a just as good cooktop + smaller wall oven below (as I am almost positive that one cannot fit a wall oven below a rangetop?).

Thanks for the tips on the pricing.

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I beleive balance and look would be your biggest challenge putting a 30 inch wall oven under a 36 inch cooktop but I am almost positive the wall oven under cooktop option is done often. As to making the look balance, I am sure you can get a creative cabinet maker to frame it such that it would not be noticeable at all. And then, for that matter, you could do a 36 inch unit that is easily balanced and get your coice of burner/fuel style top and bottom. Once you branch out that in that direction, I would encourage you to look at Meile and Gagganeau as well. Both very good units.

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Just looking, the Wolf 30 inch would not work well b/c it is about 28 inches high and would put the bottom of the unit on the floor (measuring from my drip trays down). The 36 inch Wolf is onlt 24 inches giving adequate roon and the Gagganeau is about 19 inches giving even more. Anyway, I think it can be and has been done.

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As usual I am a day late and a dollar short. I just discovered this website. I am smack dab in the middle of my kitchen reno and my Wolf AG 36 4 burner w/ griddle is in place it is not hooked up....WOW....35 minute pre heat?
Anyway...back to what I think maybe an important point. I don't think I would ever buy an appliance or a large ticket item like this on Ebay. Because they are not authorized dealers you would not get the service you would from a dealer. BTW if you want to know pricing we paid $6249.

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josie, don't worry about the preheat time...you'll learn to adjust to it and you will love your Wolf. Thanks for the price check. I have been a bit perplexed by some of the various pricing I have seen thrown about here of late but, although my initial reaction was WOW!, 6,250 is probably about right since I paid about 750 less 8 years ago. Time is money!

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Thanks for the reassurance breezy. My dealer told me that Wolf is getting even strickerer(is that even a word?) with their pricing, and will not offer any discounts. We were able to get a package deal beacause we bought all our appliances at the same time. But we didn't go with one brand I have a wolf stove a Viking french door fridge, a Miele dishwasher, and a sharp drawer microwave. Talk about variety.

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When I look at the Wolf 36" Gas Rangetop, it says that the height is 9 1/2 " to the cooktop (installation details). That gives me about 26" more in terms of height for oven - right? Or will the rangetop need more ductwork, etc?

I do hope that this can be made to work. I would love for a rangetop rather than a cooktop.

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Don't forget that you have a toekick. The cabinet itself is generally 30 inches.

I have a Wolf Rangetop and the drawers below total 23-1/2 inches. That's all you've got without going into your toekick -- and that's with about half an inch of the stainless sticking up above the counter and the grates above that.

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23 1/2 inches seems good. I seem to have seen more than a couple of good ovens that could fit in that space. Thanks!

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I have the 36" Wolf Dual Fuel / 6 Burner LP, Electric oven
and could not be happier with it. We have had it for 3 years with 0 Zero problems. I LOVE the oven. It is truly a beast! One Thanksgiving I cooked 2 20Lbs. Turkeys at the same time and it only took ~ 2 hours with convection and the internal temp probe. Unbelievable, but true. They were the most juicy Turkeys I have ever cooked, and the next day the self-cleaning function worked perfectly.
We have the sealed gas burners, and I would not have it any other way after cooking / cleaning the stove for a while. I am experienced with the open burners as I was a prep-chef for a French Restaurant in an earlier life. The look of closed top burners is IMO so much nicer, very clean and upscale instead of 100% Commercial look like the open top burners. It cleans up easily and looks like new after each use. Cookies come out perfect, my wife is the baker in the family and has cooked several >6 Wedding cakes (yes multi-layered)and Loves the oven too. Does it show that we Love our Wolf? I hope so. When we move we will leave it with the house, and purchase a new one for our next home. Same 36" DF, it does take a while for the oven to come up to heat, but it's worth the wait.


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I am about to buy the Wolf 36" Dual Fuel DF366 6 burner and in shopping price it looks like the best I can do is $7,050. Can anyone tell me a reputable source where I can get it for less?

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If you can get it for $7,050 you better run out and seal the deal. Please make sure the price is for the Dual Fuel model as I was just quoted $8,099. I have watched the Wolf/SZ prices for 18 months (total house gut and redo) and the market has been fairly consistent from one dealer to another over the last 2 years.

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Getting ready to purchase a DFwolf 48" 6 burner and griddle for $11,450 pre tax, does that sound like a good price?!
Thanks, john

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I am getting ready to build and have began my research of appliances, i love the look of the 48" DF Wolf but wondered if there are any brands that compare to "the king!"

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I see most of these posts are from '08. Getting ready to purchase a dual fuel 36" Wolf range but am obviously a little concerned about the time/expense noted of heating the large oven that some have spoken of. Just wondering if that is still an issue or has Wolf made some improvements. Thanks for any info! Ann

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We are selling our 36" Wolf DF366- six burner stove.... we are doing a total remodel of our kitchen and putting in the 36" Wolf 6 burner range top w/ 2 wall ovens. The stove is immaculate and woks perfectly. We are asking $5000... and are located in Asheville, NC.

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Hello Folks,

Has anybody bought this unit recently? We are working on our kitchen remodel and were curious what you all thought about this model?

We were initially considering the RT366 (range top with the open burner) and were informed that Wolf will be stopping this model towards the end of this year.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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Anyone interested in a 36" Wolf Gas range? I am selling one for $4,000.00 dlls. brand new!!! i am an architect and bought it for a customer but changed her mind for a 60". My client just want to recover part of her money. We are located in Brownsville, Texas. Need pictures or more info?
Posted also in Craiglist 2 days ago.

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