Problems with I Tunes and Media Player Settings.

thirdfrtMay 5, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I have Windows XPSP3, Media Player 11 and I tunes recently updated.

The problem is I have a CD that I have played many times on my desktop without any problems. Now what is happening is that it plays just the Music on the very first song, then about half way through the song it plays the music and the vocal. This is on the first song only. The rest of the songs play normally with music and vocal. It is doing this on my Media Player 11 and on the currently updated I tunes as well.

I've taken the CD and put it in my Laptop and it plays both the Music and vocal which it use to do on my desktop. My laptop is Windows 7, with I tunes currently updated. I do not have Media Player on my Laptop.

Also I can put this CD in all of my players including Cars and it plays it normally. I tried copying it and it plays all of the songs like it should in all of my players except it won't play the first song correctly on my desktop which is Windows XPSP3, w/Media Player and I tunes currently updated.

This is very strange that this is happening. Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Like I said it always played correctly on my desktop up until now.


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Sounds like the CD player could be malfunctioning or failing. Two questions: 1) Does this problem occur with any other CDs on that computer? 2) Have you tried to clean the CD (some players handle surface dirt better than others)?

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Thirdfrt, just curious about why you use both ITunes and Windows Media Player. I have never liked WMP so when I bought an ipod and installed ITunes, I quit WMP completely, I didn't activate it on my last 2 computers.

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Use your head with this - a PC isn't a CD player, it's even better. Put any and all your CDs into the PC just once, rip them (transcribe the music files into computer files), and then play them an infinite number of times using the sound files stored on your hard drive.

Either WMP or Itunes will do the rip. If the CD can be read from one PC and not the other, rip the CD on the working PC and then move the files to the other. Or, rip all the working files on the "bad" PC, and use the working PC to rip and transfer just the one non-working file.

A concept that's hard for some to grasp - if you're trying to do something and it doesn't work, it's unlikely the solution is to do the same thing over and over again. Instead, try something different.

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Thank you Kudzu9, EmmaR and Snidely,

I found out that the CD Player was going out on me, so I took it in and had a new one put in. Thank you all for your help I really appreciate it.


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