Dacor High Altitude Range

donamickAugust 7, 2012


My first post here, you guys offer a lot of great advice so I'm hoping you can help me.

I've been researching the various 30" dual fuel ranges from the high end manufacturers (Dacor, Viking, Thermador, Wolf, etc). I found an almost too good to be true deal on a Dacor Discovery 30" range (http://www.dacor.com/Our-Products/Ranges/Discovery-30-Inch-Dual-Fuel-Range.aspx), the catch...it's a high altitude model.

I live at 1600 feet elevation, while the specs recommend installation above 4000 feet. I wouldn't ask if the deal wasn't as good as it is. How much of a difference is there between the regular/high altitude models? From what I've read the holes are smaller in the high altitude which I could imagine would cause the burners to flame out on a low setting.

Any other concerns or input from the community?

Thanks for you help in advance!

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Call Dacor and tell them you just moved from Denver to the flatlands. See what they say.

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Eve72's idea is the way to go. If it's dangerous, they'll tell you.

Sears (NG model) shows the Dacor high altitude to be non-convertible; same for the LP model. Since the high altitude range orifices (or jets, if you've worked with motorcycles or really old cars?) are designed to let in more air to the combustible mixture, at your 1600' there will be waaay too *much* air in the mixture. I'm sorry that I don't know the effect other than that, though I'd think the flames would be bigger and perhapps too big for comfort.

Some mfgrs, apparently including Dacor, that have factory-set high altitude may use different supply lines internally in addition to the different orifices. The supply line difference is pure speculation on my part BTW as to why the range would be nonconvertible so another good question when you talk to Dacor to find out your answer :).

I have the opposite problem of living at 8300' and had to install even more open jets in my Monogram cooktop than the high altitude ones that came with it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sear Dacor high altitude range example

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