Internet Download Manager $24.95!!!

breenthumbMay 19, 2012

What on earth is this? One month ago I activated a barely used computer (XP) that had been stored for 4 years and spent a weekend getting it up to date.

I've been getting popups for the past 10 days telling me how many days are left and do I want to register my copy of IDM now. Now it says my trial has expired and I must register for $24.95. That pops up every time I try to download a newsletter. For a while, it wouldn't let me DL updates either, but now they are OK. What is this thing and how do I get rid of it? I've run MBAM, Superantispy, CCleaner. All clean. Google shows lots sites for it so its real, but....? Help, please.

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I don't have any experience with that program Sandy but you might fidd the help you need on this page

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Ah, thanks Bob. I'm off to do some reading.

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I think I might try using Revo Uninstaller to get it off my machine. Use in the Advanced mode, and hopefully that would get all of it.

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I found it in add/remove and removed it (suggestion in reading above) . Didn't know it was there or where it came from but its gone. Thanks.

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