Recommendations for 23 PC Monitor

ellie45May 8, 2014

That's 23 inch PC monitors.

I have Win 7 with IE PC and want to plan for Win 8 PC. Which ould be soon.

Would like the best I can get for around $300. If that's too low then give me your best. If it needs to be a little larger then tell me.


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I have a 24inch Asus VS248 and a 22inch HP w2007 hooked up to this computer and both do a fine job. If pushed I might suggest the colours are slightly more vibrant on the HP.

I also have a 22inch Samsung which is a few years old on another computer, I had to replace 2 capacitors a while back but other than that it has been great. There are also 2 Acers here, a 17 inch and a 19 inch that have been good for me.

Here is a link to Tigerdirect where there is a large selection for you to see. This is not necessarily a prompt for the company but the selection is good. As you can see there is no need to exceed your $300 limit yet get a great monitor.

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I second Owbist's recommendation for Acer. They're a reliable product. I currently use an Acer AL1917 which is around five years old. Before this current model, I had a smaller Acer that I replaced only because I wanted a larger screen. I gave the smaller monitor to a neighbor child and it's still operating in good stead. Considering the usage he probably gives it...I'd say that's an excellent recommendation for the life of an Acer monitor. :-)


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I have seen many Acers and am happy to hear both of you give it a thumbs up. Owbist, thanks for answering my last two posts. My questions are not very interesting but are important to me. Where else would I go?
Anne, thanks for your support of the Acer. That's enough for me.
Tiger Direct is still loved by techies. I'm happy for them.

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This is the Acer model I am ordering. Thanks Owbist and Anne. Hope you think I did the right thing

Acer S231HL BBID 23-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor from Amazon.

I have tried to enter the URL below and it is rejected

Here is a link that might be useful: Monitor

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