Capital Culinarian questions

eranmegAugust 25, 2013

Hello there!
We are upgrading the kitchen in the house we just bought and I finally get to try and put together the kitchen I want.

After looking, trying and reading everything there is we are getting close to landing on the Capital Culinarian - 36" range top with all gas burners. We tried it out and were impressed by the even heat, power and surprisingly the simmer as well.

A few concerns between us and falling back to the equivalent, though sealed burner,Wolf (we have been happy with them for a while now)...

1) Does anyone out there have a picture of the new 8,000 BTU burners? What's their diameter? The stores here all have the older models on the floor and I am worried about small pots. And most important did this solve the age old debate for simmering on the Culinarian?

2) Any recent experience with shipping times on these guys? The forum is full of horror stories, but they seem to be from the early days.

3) And last - how have folks 'gotten past' the concern that this is a start-up and V1 product? How do we know they will be around in a few years and have the parts and support necessary if there are problems? (especially since there is no real longevity track record for the product).

Any thoughts, advice and answers would be greatly appreciated!


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1) There was a picture of the prototype floating around but can't find it. Capital has not released picture of the production small pot burner. Notice they don't say dedicated simmer burner. It is the CC 23k burner but with the two outer rings closed up. Good for small pots.

Virtually nothing ends debate on this forum . Wolf owners like to "female dog" that Wolf can simmer on "ALL" burners. If you need to simmer small amounts of six different ultra delicate sauces in six different small pots at the same time Wolf does a better job.

2) I bought my CC over a year ago but the only delays now come in when you order a range in a color and not SS.

3) There is no guarantee that Wolf will be around in a few years. This is still a sorta capitalist economy. The service items like igniter, spark module, oven glow igniter are non-proprietary parts you can purchase non-branded from appliance parts reseller or repair shop. Even some items like cooling fans. If you happen to smash your door you do need Capital. The Capital oven in the Culinarian has been around for almost ten years in the Precision. Almost identical burners have been around in their commercial line Therma-Tek for about ten years too.Therma-tek ranges come with one 20k btu hot plate burner and the rest 30k btu. What is kinda new is putting the residential oven in the Precision with the commercial burners from Therma-Tek.

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In answer to your questions,

1) As noted above the new small pans burner has only one set of holes which guides the flame to the center of ANY sized pan offered to it.

2) Shipping is around 6 weeks if your local distributor / retailer does not have stock of the selected size or configuration. Some of the larger range and uncommon configurations can run 10 weeks. Color also runs between 8-10 weeks.

3) I don't think that 10 years in business as Capital constitutes a "Start Up", the Culinarian has now been out for 3 + years, again not a new range.

Important thing to remember is that ALL manufacturers really bend metal and assemble purchased parts be it Wolf Viking or Capital. So far as i know manufacturers don't make any of the actual working parts such as Thermostats, Spark modules or convection fans.

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We've had our CC cooktop for over two years and we love cooking on it. I converted one of the burners to a "simmer burner" by plugging up the two outer rings and changing the gas orifice. Somewhere on this forum I posted photos...

The simmer burner can put out some pretty good heat and it can be turned down really really low.


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