Wow,I Have learned alot about food.

bulldinkieMarch 12, 2014

since hubby had his heart attack in January.Dont just figure something is healthy may appear but...Read the label.Even things that have a big ole heart,say heart healthy has a days supply of sodium.
Things you don't think have sodium or fats do..Im shocked everytime we go for groceries.
Resturants,subway....they say 1 meal at olive garden equals 2 big macs.I know creamy things aren't healthy but geeze.
So nowits fish,salmon,trout..veggies for snacks,veggies with supper,oatmeal with fruit in morningIts hard and expensive,.packing lunches,no more lunch meat,?He loves pB& J or a salad..fruit.Its a part time job.I stopped coking with Salt,dont have any at the table.
He lost 20 lbs he doesn't have a hiney now...Hes doing good and rehab is going good.Now if I could just get a kidney yet.

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I'm glad your husband is doing better, and I've still got you in my prayers for that kidney.

Change is always hard, but I grew up in a rural area in a farming family. We never ate out. Now I'm the world's pickiest eater and very seldom eat out. I haven't found a single thing I like at Olive Garden and I feed the dog at McDonald's, LOL.

You are right, you have to read labels, there is salt and fat and high fructose corn syrup hidden in everything. I was amazed at the salt level in cottage cheese, I expected it in canned soup and soup base/bouillion but cottage cheese?

I don't really find that it's more expensive to eat healthy, but it takes a lot more time and a lot more thought. 4 ounces is a serving, so I can get a pound of cod for $6 and get two meals for Elery and I from that, that's $1.50 a meal for protein and that's the expensive stuff. Pork loin is closer to $3 a pound, so 4 ounces will cost 75 cents. Oatmeal is inexpensive but that fruit is going to get you, it's always pricey.

Even at $3 a pound, though, vegetables are a lot cheaper than beef and cheaper than a Big Mac too, and more filling. Beans are a good option too, although they are now up to about $1.50 a pound for dried beans. A pound makes a LOT, though.....

Funny, I don't care for pasta or pizza or ice cream but I love beans. Something I like that's actually good for me, it's a miracle!


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Hi Dink! And a belated happy birthday. It was mentioned on the KT. We miss you over there. I'm glad to hear that your DH is improving. You are in my prayers every day for that kidney. Reading labels is an eye opener isn't it? And I read a lot of labels for garlic. When you read them for one thing you don't always realize how much of everything else is in stuff. Cooking to meet both of your health needs is a challenge, I'm sure.


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Thank you for taking care of him! He appreciate all the work, undoubtedly. You're doing well.

Number one thing I learned in health class... if it doesn't have fat, it has extra salt and/or sugar. If it doesn't have salt it has extra fat and/or sugar, etc. You get the picture. Unless you make it yourself. And the number two thing I learned in class is, always try to be as natural possible, e.g. butter is better than margarine because the stabilization processes make it less healthy. That becomes a toss up. Eat less of whichever you pick, but it's a gamble either way more chemicals or more fat, choose your "poison"? Something like that.

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