Always have hope

lindacMarch 17, 2012

Miracles do happen.

On Februrary 20th, I got a phone call that a friend who was vacationing in Florida had become confused, disoriented and was showing some slurring of speech and erratic behavior. her DH got her to the hospital where they determined she had not had a stroke and that night she went into a coma.

Tests showed she had viral encephalitis caused by the herpes simplex virus ( the one that causes cold sores). They dosed her with anti viral drugs, intubated her and provided support.

She was totally unresponsive for 2 weeks. Then a lung collapsed and they provided a chest tube and later that week they did a tracheostomy and inserted a g-tube to provide nourishment.

As of last Sunday there was no change....3 weeks on the vent and in a coma. And by the way she is 75....soon to be 76. I am sorry to say some were wondering when to shur off the vent.

Well, last Monday she opened her eyes and smiled, mouthed "I love you" to her DIL. Every day steady improvement. Today she was breathing on her own most of the day and even sat up for a while. She knows people and though she can't speak because of the trache, she mouths words that make sense. Seems to have good use of both arms and legs.

So....when you doubt, remember that some one makes up that 10% survival statistics.....and keep hoping and praying.

Thanks for's been a long month!

Linda C

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What a miracle!! Thanks for sharing and I'll be sending additional prayers! Scary stuff.


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There's always hope...never give up!

I'm sending positive thoughts that yout friend has a full recovery.

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Wow! I'm so glad your friend is recovering. What an ordeal to go through for her and her family. You're right, hope is vital.


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Thanks for sharing Linda, I love good news stories. I wish her continued and steady progress towards a full recovery.

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I'm happy to hear that your friend is doing well and wish her a full and speedy recovery. Good for her!

Hopefully this month will be a better one.


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Linda, I'm happy that your friend is recovering.

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Wow, what a story! So glad it's got a happy ending!


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I'm happy to read that she is progressing so well. I know there were a lot of scary days for her and her DH and everyone who knows her.

Can she use a whiteboard to communicate until the trach is out?

I'll keep them in my thoughts.


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Gives me chills! You just never know.

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She's not well enough to use a white board...a week ago she was in a deep coma.
Frankly I am worrying about "tempting the devil"....I haven't heard anything hoping no news is good news.

A week ago we were wondering when it might be time to take her off life support, now we are wondering when she can travel back to Iowa.

This couple have had more than their share....about 8 years ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer, they removed a lobe and all seemed fine, but he got a herpes infection in the lung and it collapsed and he spend 3 months in an induced coma in another state ( where their DIL is a Dr.) and another month recovering....And a year later went skiing at 8000 altitude!! But he could only ski half a day!

I predict she will play tennis again....

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Wooohoo!!!!!!!! totally cool. Can't wait until you're knocking the fuzzy ball around.

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Thank you for sharing, Linda. Please let us know how your friend progresses. Makes me wonder about DNR papers...

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Wow that's extraordinary! Miracles do happen and we absolutely need to remember that with all the DNR talk.

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