HELP choosing between the Chef and Master Chef Miele Speed Oven

nycbluedevilAugust 18, 2012

I was planning to get the Miele Chef Speed Oven but now I am starting to obsess again and am worried that perhaps I am making a mistake and that I should go with the Master Chef. Last week's obsession was the dishwasher and I decided to upgrade from the Dimension to the Diamond, so my obsessions are getting expensive.

Anyway, my concern is chiefly about the ease of using the microwave. Now we have a Bosch MW that has a sensor reheat button and a 30 second instant cook button. The sensor cook button is great for heating up leftovers and the instant cook button lets me press itfive times in a row to get a two and a half minute zap for a big bowl of oatmeal.

I know that the Master Chef version of the oven has a minute plus setting and I know that it must sensor cook. What I can't figure out is how easy it is to use the mocrowave.

I am pretty familiar with the differences between the ovens otherwise. The autoroast feature seems nice on the Master Chef and the temperature probe is convenient. But I am not sure it is worth the $1,000 difference. And regarding the knobs on the Chef--frankly, I sort of prefer the knobs. I was thinking that they might be easier to use than dealing with the program touch pads since I am installing the unit below the counter.

This will be my only microwave. I will have a 36" BS range so I anticipate using the oven a lot, especially in combination mode to roast chicken.

So I am torn between the two models and need some help. Any advice out there GWers?

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