HP psc 2170 Series printer problem

ten3_2texMay 4, 2013

I am always here reading to find answers when needed. I had tried to enter before and had some problem doing so. I finally got in and hope someone can help me. For sometime my printer has been printing last page first, which was ok because the end results were the same, but now it is giving me a much bigger problem. I sell on Etsy and buy online postage on paypal. At first I thought I had clicked on wrong button because it printed the SAMPLE label. Now I know that I did not. 3 times my label prints the SAMPLE one first even though I click the right button.......I am wasting ink, and label paper. As if that were not enough, after it prints the correct label, it goes on to print the instructions that are on top......3 different pages, having had label paper only, there went more wasted label paper.....at first time after the sample label, I clicked correct button again and it printed the label and the instructions. On second time I realized that the printing was started before I clicked on the correct button. In other words, the printer was printing on it's own, the sample, the correct one AND the upper instructions. Starting from bottom up......backwards......Have been looking around and came up with spool document problem?.....If that is the problem, how do I fix that?.......someone also mentioned that maybe I had the printer on "ALL" instead of "CURRENT" . I do, but the other options are faded, I can't change it from ALL.

HP psc 2170 Series

The above is my immediate problem but I have a bigger one. I have gone through my forever favorite Mozilla, then 2 months of IE. The 2 don't want me now, stopped working, and am now with Opera and that is where the printing probem of labels started for me........I know that I have a hidden virus. Hidden, because I have tried to find the problem and it does not show up.

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What real time antivirus protection do you use? If Avast, run a boot-time scan. A boot-time scan will find malware that other scanners miss.

And you should scan for rootkits. Download Kaspersky's TDSSKiller at the link below. The download link is in the middle of the page. It is a very small file and runs in a minute or so. It is highly effective at finding hidden malware called rootkits.

Please post back what your results were.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kaspersky TDSSKiller

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Microsoft Security Essentials. I also have SUPER AntiSpyware and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

I will go see about the link you gave me

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John, I did the scan and all came out fine. It detected nothing. No threats

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Did you update and run a FULL scan with either Malwarebytes or Superantispyware?

I think I would remove the printer software and re-install to eliminate that as the reason. Be sure to follow HP protocol when doing so and you will likely need administrator priviledges to do the re-install

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Yes, I did a full scan with all 3 of what I have listed, but that was like 3 days ago, when the label problems started.......Thanks for telling me about removing the printer. I had wondered about that, but since I don't know much about computers I am afraid to mess with anything I am not sure of. I will do that.

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owbist, I did the removal of printer, but I won't know if it made any difference until I have to buy postage. It still is printing last page first...I read online a man mentioning that some printers print last page first so that when lots of pages are printed, they stack in first page order. I don't remember mine doing that at the beginning and I have had this printer for a long time.........Guess I'm losing it. Thanks.

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I have a HP printer of a different series, but there is a Printing Preferences box where you set the choice of Portrait of Landscape and also Front to Back or Back to Front. So you can print in whichever order you wish. I'm sure yours has something similar to this also.

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As Grandms notes the pop up that appears when you click to start a print job gives you all sorts of options. You probably need to ferret around in there with the various tabs to get back to where you had it set before.

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I think the back to front or front to back is not the problem. I wouldn't care what prints first since I don't do much text printing.........The problem is HOW to not print the sample label in PayPal. I had to buy 2 shipping labels today. It did it again, twice, including that 3rd print page with the upper instructions on how to print the label. I've looked through the options, but it is not going to tell me how not to do Sample label printing. I removed the printer and added it again and it works great only it didn't solve the label problem. I have also googled for a fix, but no one seems to have run into this problem. I have had this printer for a long time. I bought it with my XP and now I have W 7. AM I READY FOR A NEW ONE?

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I am not sure buying a new printer will solve your problem. If everything else is printing correctly perhaps it is the software used to create the labels?

Have you updated the firmware for the printer? Look here and you will see they acknowledge certain print errors, the fix is well down the page.

Also on the that page you might try the diagnostic tool offered in the first link on the right of your screen.

Hmm, I guess your printer is a grand old age as they are offering drivers for Windows 98, you have done well there I suppose.

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I searched for a solution and various discussions blamed IE, Chrome, FF and Safari. Another post said it was the fault of the HP printer. One recurring theme seemed to be that disengaging the popup blocker solves the problem. You might give that a shot.

The problem seems prevalent enough that it is doubtful your printer is at fault.

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The problem appears to be Paypal

Check post 27768 here. He does not say where the notice is from but at least it might be worth checking out.

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thanks, I am still here. Now I am going to go check on what you are telling me.............keep you posted

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Well, went there and NOTHING is wrong with the printer. Got lots of check marks for good health......I am beginning to think that it has to be settings that I don't understand. I am done, at least it IS printing. I will be putting lousy paper where I know it does not print the real label......Thanks to everyone

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