Toto (or other?) toilet that's water wise and standard height?

vp_78September 26, 2013

Does this exist? We're now onto the phase of the downstairs half bath remodel that requires purchase of a toilet. When we redid the kids' bathroom, we purchased a tall toilet and I'm not a fan. My kiddos are little, and it'll be years before my youngest is tall enough to climb aboard unassisted. I'd like the Toto quality, though... unless there is a similar kind of toilet that matches Toto? Price will definitely be a limiting factor, btw. LIke to keep the price under $300, and under $250 is better...

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Based on the Toto site, there are a few Watersense models that are not ADA compliant. Based on the list prices, I'd bet you can find an Eco Drake, maybe even with Sanagloss, for under $300.

Maybe someone here has one and can comment on their experience? I know from recent research that the Drake is a popular model, I would assume the Eco drake would be worth checking out.

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We have installed Drakes (743s, standard height, round bowl) in all our bathrooms, replacing the original fixtures over the years. They are 1.6gpf, so meet the codes here for water saving fixtures, but there are certainly lower gpf models out now. They perform great. We have never had a problem.

As williamsem said, I would definitely look into the Eco Drake, but the Drake itself could potentially be a backup.

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We just put in a standard height drake in our 1/2 bath. 1.28 gallons, flushes well, no clogs.

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Gerber has some very good standard height commodes in both round (short) and elongated bowl sizes, in their Avalanche and less expensive Viper lines. All are available in 1.6gpf or 1.28gpf ("WaterSense") models. The 1.6gpf models work a bit better as usual, but the 1.28g Viper i had installed works quite well - better than the Eco Drake IMO, and is considerably less expensive than the Toto.

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