New freestanding induction range models from Samsung & Kitchenaid

jwvideoAugust 20, 2012

I have run across two new models of free-standing induction ranges, the KitchenAid Architect Series II KIRS608BSS and Samsung's NE595N0PBSR/NE597N0PBSR. Both look interesting, but there is hardly any information about them, yet.

Neither shows up on it's company's US website. The KitchenAid is being sold at AJ Madison which has the only specs and images that I could find:

The Samsung models are being sold by Best Buy and is available for pickup at stores, at least here:

From the images at the site, these new Samsungs appear to have much more conventional hob-layouts that the Samsung FTQ307 which they replace. The Samsungs seem to have been sold in Canada for a while. Although I did not find any reviews, I was able to finds specs and download manuals from Sumsung's Canadian website, from here.

As best I can tell, the differences between the Samsung NE597 and the NE595 are:

(a) the NE597 has a warming drawer where the NE 597 has a storage drawer;

(b) the diameters of the hobs on the Model NE595 are: one 12-inch in front; one 9-inch hob in front; and two 6-inch hobs in the back;

(c) the NE597 has an 11-inch diameter burner in the right front; a 6-inch diameter burner in the right rear; and two 9-inch square burners on the left which can be operated independently or bridged together into a long superburner/hob which can have up to 4600 watts on boost (possibly for bringing canning kettles to a boil?)

I cannot find any manuals yet for the Kitchenaid. From what I can see from the images at AJ Madison, the KitchenAid looks like it might have been made for KitcheAid/Whirlpool by Samsung. The Kitchenaid does not look like the induction stoves from brandmates Whirlpool & Maytag. The Whirlpool and Maytag induction stoves have a cooktop control panel between two, small burners/hobs at the front of the stove with the two larger burners/hobs in the back. The KitchenAid has all of its controls on the backsplash and the photo of the layout at AJ Madison is very similar to the backsplash control layouts shown in the manuals for the Samsungs.

The KitchenAid seems to have the same burner layout as the Samsung NE595 while incorporating the NE697 warming drawer. All three stoves have a "slow-cook" function. The Samsung manuals say this is an oven setting for long slow roasting of meats. The KitchenAid specs at AJ Madison say that the warming drawer has the "slowcook" function. Or maybe one of AJ Madison's web administrators got some specs mixed up and the KitcheAid "slow-cook" function is actually an oven setting as it is on the Samsungs?

The only posting I've seen on these stoves is here at Gardenweb from riderman357 who said that he was getting an NE597 as a warranty replacement for the now discontinued FTQ307. (He got two defective ones and then received an NE597 with an inoperable front burner.) In a posting a few days ago, he commented" "This newer model [the NE597] changes the stove top layout to a more conventional look, and the fan noises of the FTQ307 are all but gone. The cook top power is a little lower than the FTQ307 but the oven performs about the same, with a few more features added to the oven control pad."

If anybody has seen or used these stoves, I'm interested in your comments and observations. Maybe riderman357 will have received his latest replacement stove and can comment further on the "597" model?

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Yeah, I saw both of those listed on the sites a few days ago. I've read a lot of bad reviews on the last few Samsung induction models, so don't think I would chance it with them. The Kitchen Aid one looks to be the better of the two, and has a nice large glass window on the oven door, and a reasonable price.

Still, for me, I like what I've seen in the pictures of the GE Profile induction slide-in, yet I haven't seen it in person yet. My current Profile freestanding smooth top is 10 years old and hasn't had any issues. Yet with induction being new to most US appliance companies, it makes me wonder if they've worked all the bugs out, or should wait a few years after a couple models cycle through.

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I was in Best Buy yesterday and looked at the new Samsung one more closely. It has a chicken nugget button.

p.s. Samsung customer service fixed my FTQ307 burner weirdness over the phone, hooray, so I am a happy Samsung induction owner now (especially since mine doesn't have a chicken nugget button -- but I don't judge). All it needed was to be unplugged for 30 sec, then restarted. I had forgotten I am now cooking on a computer.

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The nuggets button strikes me as just plain weird.

The manual lists five other specialty buttons for the oven.

The "crispy pizza" button might be useful if its function is to set the oven to use only the bottom element for heating/reheating. Many electric ovens these days use both the upper and lower elements for at least pre-heating and some reportedly even run the upper element during baking when temperatures drop too low (as from opening the oven door.)

The others sound plausibly useful (unlike the nuggets button) but seem dubious when you think about them.

The "proofing" and "defrost" buttons apparently run the oven a little over 100 degress F. I do the same thing with my present stove by turning on the oven light.

The "keep warm" button apparently automatically sets the oven to 170F on a three hour timer for keeping completed dishes warm while you do other things. Not sure what this really is intended to accomplish since the NE597 has a warming drawer. Anyway, what is so inconvenient about setting the oven to convection bake at 170 degrees?

The "slow cook" button is mystifying to me. There are "low" and Hi" selections but the manual gives no indication of what temperatures they represent. Apparently, you can use it for roasting meat at a some unspecified low and slow temperature. Why I would not just pick a setting such as 190 or 220 F and dial it in? The manual does not explain.

I wonder if riderman357 has anything more to report on the replacement NE597 that he is supposed to be receiving?

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A well-respected dealer in my area says his customers have been happy with the quality of the Maytag induction, and the price. For me, being of short stature, I realized that having the larger induction unit in the rear won't work. I never use the back for my heavy pots. I picked up a Kitchenaid brochure in Sears, and it had the induction range in there for 2012, FYI. I'm leaning toward that one once I hear what people who buy it say, and am very curious about what a slow cook warming oven is!

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The KA manual is finally available.

Apparenlty, it has one large burner in the front right and a not quite so large bruner rear left, rather like a lot of coi; burner stoves. So, different from the Maytags and Whirlpools which have both large burners in the back.

From the diagrams and illustrations in the manual and contol layouts shown there, it seems that my specualtion about this model having been made for Elctrolux by Samsung.

Here is a link that might be useful: KA induction range user manual

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