making a hot link in an email?

shaddy101May 12, 2014

I know people can make hot links inserted into an email, and "sometimes" it happens for me, I want to make it every time, is there a secret that I don't know about?
Opinions please?

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Which email provider are you using?

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Shaddy, I know you have Windows 7. Are you using Windows Live Mail? If so, open a new blank e-mail, and a little over halfway across the top (the ribbon?) at the very top is the word Hyperlink. Click on that to create a link to a site. Hope this is what you're looking for.

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Or click the funny looking icon if using

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Cripes, I forgot to add what email programs I am using. I use Gmail, Yahoo, and Charter which is my main home mail.
I seldom look at those things owbist, so wouldn't have realized that was an icon for a hot link, but thanks so much for calling that to my attention, tho I do not use outlook, would it perhaps be in yahoo, or gmail also?
Grandms, I do not use live mail either, so gotta look elsewhere I guess. I will try and figger out sumpin with the info you folks have provided, and thanks so much, at least it is a start.

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With gmail, when you open a page to compose your message, look in the bottom left of the panel and click on the + icon.

That allows you to insert a clickable link.

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And here we are in Yahoo

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I goofed, when I said Charter email, I am using Thunderbird, got other things in my head I guess. But have searched the questions, and it seems it turns to a hot link in TB when sent to someone. Spozed to try it to myself, to check, and won't let me send to myself, gotta research that now to see what is going wrong.
Thanks for all the info folks, have looked, and found, and am tickled to think that I can do this now, at any time I want to. Many thanks for teaching an old dog some new things!

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