After using the Oven...Keep door open to cool, or keep shut?

larsi_gwAugust 20, 2011

Either on the Electrolux or Gaggenau website I was recently looking at, their manual said to keep the door SHUT after running the oven, and just allow the interal fans to cool the oven.

I have a Miele 30" MasterChef and a Miele 24" SpeedOven. The manuals do not say anything about cool down. I, to the extreme annoyance of my spouse :), leave the doors open to allow the ovens to cool down, before I shut the door(s).

If I allow the oven(s) internal fan(s) to do the cool down...the fan(s) can run for hours and hours. What's better? Door open for a fast cool down, or doors shut for a long, internal fan induced cool down?

Thanks a lot!

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I never paid attention if there is a correct way but Winter I leave it open, Summer I keep it closed.

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Do your ovens have an electronic control panel located above the oven door? If so - keep the door shut. Those electronics can be sensitive to excess heat and they are not cheap.

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I believe the fans are cooling the electronics. I agree with the person above, let it vent in the winter to help heat the home and closed in the summer.

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So, okay, I have a Gaggenau, but even more with a drop down opening oven, I can't figure out why you'd leave it open.

If you turn off the heat and open the door to take out your food, all the hot air will escape. The rest of the cooling is of the oven itself. If your kitchen is cool it might cool a little faster from the air temperature, but if the fans really are there to protect the electronics, you're actually circumventing the utility. Is the fan loud or something? Do you never put something else in later, or put something to keep warm in the cooling oven?

I dunno. It just seems weird to me to leave appliances open.

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The fans are not loud really, but they will run for HOURS! I also, have read that the escaping heat, for a long period of time, can be bad for the electronics (Yes, Miele's control panel is directly above the door).

So, it seems that most people just leave them shut, and let the fans do as they are supposed to do! I'm sure Miele (and all other brands) assume people will leave a HOT oven and door closed after usage! LOL :) Thanks for replying ya'll!

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I have newly installed Gaggs and was wondering about the length of time it should take for the oven to cool down. I don't hear any fans running and there are none to see so how do you know they are going? I thought it was taking a long time for the oven to cool down but that could also be because they are so well insulated. The Gagganeau has an info button that will tell you the interior temp of the oven and I have never had this before so maybe I am just taking note of the cool down period where before I never thought about it..

Good to know the door should be left closed because sometimes I do open the door to cool it down quicker .

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I'm with eandhl. I've never had a wall oven (will in the new kitchen), but I usually leave the range oven door open in the winter after using it to get some extra heat in the room or to use it as a hand or bum warmer. (My bum.) I'm always cold. In the summer, I leave it shut.

WRT wall ovens, the sound of a fan running for hours will drive me bonkers so I hope it's OK to open my Wolf ovens!

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I used my ovens on Sunday (baked a lasagna in the Miele SpeedOven and Swedish Oatmeal cookies in the big 30" Miele MasterChef.

I left both doors closed after using (this was a first time for me, as I ALWAYS keep doors open to quickly cool the ovens). The fans ran for hours and hours. Maybe it's normal...but I agree with drives me bonkers!!! :-o

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Whether the door is left open or not, the heat in the oven will eventually heat the room. Cooling an oven with the door closed will condense whatever greasy vapor is left inside onto the walls where it can eventually be addressed by the self-cleaning cycle.

The fan on the Wolf double ovens is relatively quiet. I haven't paid attention to length of fan operation. I think I would have noticed, though, if it were "hours."


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p111og - can you hear the Gaggenau fans after using the ovens?
Because my ovens are virtually silent after they have been turned off and I want to make sure the fans are actually working.

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I don't know. I sit near the ovens when I sit in the kitchen, and I've never noticed. :) Probably says something. I notice when the fridge drawers cycle and when the ice maker goes. I don't even know if they're supposed to stay on. You could probably tell by checking the vents for air flow.

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Well that's good to know because I don't notice them either yet I do hear when the fridge drawers cycle. Next time I will try feeling near the vents and see if I notice any air flow but I suspect it is minimal because the ovens do not seem to warm up the kitchen space at all.

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Modern electronic convections almost always need the door closed so that the computer will turn on the cooling fan for the electronic brain.

Leaving it open will keep this from happening on many models and will shorten the life of the controller.

Ther are safety and ergonomic issues too, but it's still a free country so you can do as you want in your own home.e

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