Iphone 4 - can't turn off

downsouthMay 2, 2014

I am posting this for my son. The button on the top right that turns his phone off is stuck....you can tell it by pushing it. It seems frozen (I know that's not the right computer term, lol).

He needs to turn his phone off while at work to keep it charged. He said it also gets hot. It may be a 4S...can't remember what he said.

Any suggestions for him?

Thanks, Dee

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Knowing nothing about this, I did a google search and found a fair amount of information. Condensing the answers I found suggests that if blowing it with compressed air doesn't provide a fix, it needs a repair by a qualified person (if the phone is young enough to be worth fixing).

Don't do anything on my say-so, I have no idea if what I found are the best available answers or not. You should do your own checking and make your own decision.

The alternative is to never be without a charging cord and learn to live with it always on.

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In accessories there is assertive touch, it adds an off button to the touch screen. Also, I read yesterday that Apple knows there is a problem and will fix the button for free but it may depend on the model.

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One article says it's a known problem with Iphone 5 and apple will replace for free. Read some links here about 4s. I would contact apple about it. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: Iphone 4s

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