Frigidaire/Electrolux all fridge/all freezer - performance data

refrigeratorreplacerAugust 3, 2014

I am curious if anyone knows whether there exists any specific data on timing and frequency of service calls requested by owners of the Electrolux and/or Frigidaire all refrigerator and all freezer columns? I know some people report problems in forums like this, but I would love actual data (knowing that there is surely a bias towards posting only when you have problems, because if you don't have any, you are not on here looking for answers and recos!).

I am operating on the premise that if a freestanding fridge breaks within 5 years, experts reco that you fix it, but if older then replace it. And for built-ins, the inflection point is said to be 8 years. So for ex if I discovered that there is a high chance that I would have 5 carefree years with the Elecs (even if I had to replace the set immediately thereafter), then I feel like they are worth it, given the enormous price differential between this option and any built-in/integrated option. Or in the converse, if it were known to be the case that 75% of owners of these need a service call within the first year, then I'm prob not excited about the cost savings anymore.

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We have 2 Elux all-fridges and 1 all-freezer. We purchased them in 2007, but moved in in 2008 and started using them. So, it's 6 1/2 yrs later, and we've had no service calls. 1 of the fridge's interior light has a will of its own, so doesn't always come on, and the readout occasionally tries to give me an error code. From what I could find online, that code is related to the evaporator fan motor... But it keeps working and the code goes away. It's done that for a few years now. I haven't had it checked. Meant to at first, but the fridge keeps working fine, so at this point, I'm figuring it's a false alarm. The other fridge and the freezer have had absolutely no problems.

I know this is just one family's experience and opinion, and you're looking for more stats for a greater number of units, but I think they're a good bet.

The only reason I might not buy them again is the way the drawers are attached to the shelves above so they're a pain to take out and get clean. Maybe they've changed that by now.

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Thanks! I appreciate hearing about your positive experience with them.

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I would love to hear about these they overwhelm the kitchen space?

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We have had our Frigidaire all-refrigerator, all-freezer pair for 8 1/2 years - with not a single service issue. We're doing a new kitchen in our retirement home in Aiken, SC, and are using the Frigidaire pair again. By now the price is higher and the capacity has increased (nominal size - from 17 to 19 cubic feet.) We looked at the Electrolux - but only the shelf arrangement is slightly different. No way is it worth the increased price to us - for essentially the same unit as the Frigidaire.

When visitors first come into our narrow kitchen they are a bit awed by the size of the fridge "wall", which is initially not in view. But, we have never felt that it overwhelms! Dimensions for the new units are 65" wide and 79" high if you use the full trim kit with the louvered grill above. You can leave off the grill and cut the opening to 75" tall.

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