help! spilled juice on my laptop...

jaackaMay 16, 2007

just the keyboard, and the firt thing i did was turn it upside down (it was only about a Tbssp of fruit juice anyway). The computer is working fine, though. however, the keys are sticky. i popped the stickiesst oness off and using a q-tip i wiped them off with rubbing alcohol, but it was hard to get anywhere but between the black key and the susrface it ststss on. As you can sese from all my typos, it didn't help, it till stick something fierce. Some key don't act like they work at all, such as the shift on the left ide... what else sshould i do or do i juts need to redo the alcohol? help! it' sure hard to do any work.

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Oh dear :( I spilt milk (A LOT OF IT) all over the keyboard of my mum's laptop. I did exactly what you did, I put it upside down getting what I could off with paper towel...had I had q-tips handy that would have been neat!
The laptop was literally dripping, but once it dried a few keys were sticking for probably a couple of weeks. But I'm typing on it now as if it never happened. So I think because you reacted so quickly it should be fine...only worry is those keys not actually working at all. I guess only time will tell. In my opinion I would hold off on the idea of using extra alcohol untill everything has dried, just incase the alcohol becomes the problem.
Good luck!!

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The trouble with anything with sugar in it, is that it leaves a gummy residue and very hard to get to all of it.
Best suggestion I can offer, is to take it to a laptop repair shop for a cleaning. While it is apart, have them clean the heatsink/processor area for any clogged dirt/hair sucked in by the fans. A cleaning up here in Canada is about $40. Check it out before you leave the shop to make sure all the keys are working

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i too spilled orange juice on mi aspireone , now i can only use my laptop if i conect it to my pc monitor i dont undersatand , can some one please tell me i took it apart and try to clean it but nothing still the fan starts and it stops and nothing comes on the screen , help , please the keys are still sticky but working ,.if i take the conector from my pc it stops working .help please

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i spilled apple juice 0n my laptp, n0w the (o) butt0n w0nt w0rk, s0 i must use the zer butt0n instead, i f0und 0ut that yu can c0nnect a n0rmal keypad fr0m a larger pc t0 y0ur lapt0p, but i tried t0 pull 0ff s0me 0f the keys and i br0ke the key, it w0rks but w0nt stay 0n, i just used a t0wl t clean it up and shut d0wn my c0mputer, it w0rks but i have had small pr0blems whwew when i type smthing the bar ge backwards. i cant really help yu, just wait.

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