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Sherrie MooreAugust 25, 2012

Starting a kitchen remodel and finding myself torn between a range, or doing a cooktop (or rangetop) and wall oven or ovens. How did you decide?

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I grew up in a house with a wall oven and cooktop (drop-in) so I always felt that was the "best". Wnen it was time to do my own kitchen I choose a 5-burner gas top and a double oven and haven't regretted it in 8 years. I will be building a new house within the next year or so and will stay with cooktop& wall oven as I love the look and convenience. I'm a *bit* obsessive about cleaning and despise the drips down the side of a range. Also, although they're not used a ton the extra oven and burner have come in very handy. As is obvious I have not good reason except that I just really like the look.

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How big is your kitchen? Wall ovens take away from counter space, something many of us cannot afford to sacrifice. Also, with a range, one's vent hood can remove smoke and/or hot air exiting from the oven, while wall ovens typically have no exterior venting at all.

So, it depends on your kitchen, and how you like to use your space.

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When the children were growning up in my prior home, I baked a great deal and preferred double ovens which were at a comfortable working height. I'm now a widow in a small patio home and just finished a total kitchen remodel. In trying to make my kitchen look as large as possible, I had a wall oven installed beneath an induction cooktop. This was obviously a costlier option than a range, but I'm enjoying the sleeker look with the oven flush with the cabinets and the cooktop blending with the dark granite. If my kitchen were larger, I would still prefer the lack of bending with a wall oven. Others seem to prefer the "professional look" of a nice range. It seems to be a matter of personal taste, layout of the kitchen, and additional cost of the separate components, extra electrical wiring, and additional countertop.

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I have always had a range but have used cooktops and wall ovens in others kitchens. I like that set up and it looks good too the ovens are at a good height. but if I ever had a chance at building a house with a big enough kitchen I would pick a range top vs a range. it would be nice to have a cabinet under it for pans. A range is still very usable and I love my 5 burner range with convection oven. and being able to run the hood to pull out oven heat is a nice plus in the summer. range is the way to go in a small kitchen and is more affordable

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I like wall ovens. Mine is actually in a wall, sticking out into the garage, so it doesn't displace either counters or cabinets. The bottom oven is higher than a range oven would be, and the top oven is right at eye level, so I don't bend over as much or as far as with a range. When it's on, I don't have to stand in front of it to cook on the cooktop.

This link will show you some of the old threads on this topic. It's really a matter of personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer.

Here is a link that might be useful: range vs. wall oven threads

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Sherrie Moore

Thank you Ginny20 for the link to the previous threads! I had forgotten to try that. And I agree there is no right or wrong answer... just trying to figure out the best solution for me and my kitchen remodel.

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We are almost done with our remodel and we put in wall ovens and a cooktop - I like that I don't have to crawl on the floor to access the oven!

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I prefer a cooktop and wall ovens. I would not want to stand in front of the range ovens while using the top of the range and had something in the ovens too. I also would not like having the heat of the ovens on my body. I would not want to be disturbed by oven 'traffic' while I was cooking on the stove top.

Bending down to lift anything, but especially something hot, wet, heavy and drippy, would be a deal breaker for me.

It would be a killer to clean the ovens in a down low position. Even just wiping them, no, no, no.

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Sherrie Moore

A2gemini, I love that GE Advantium speed oven over the Wolf oven!! I keep going back and forth over that idea too!

Yes I agree with all the comments about bending over the oven and having seperate space when using both oven and rangetop...but those professional ranges are just so great looking. Like someone mentioned a centerpiece to your kitchen!

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I had originally planned for a rangetop and double wall ovens. But in my case I was removing a wall. After a few iterations, it became evident that that wall ovens wouldn't work. To make up for oven space, I went with a 48" range with two ovens.

I really like the setup, since I'm the primary cook anyways. Also, like cooksnnews mentions above, my range hood helps remove the smoke from the ovens and broiler. Before my remodel, I had a wall oven. I was constantly setting off the smoke detectors because the wall oven had no ventilation.

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Different opinion but I admit I don't bake a lot. I like a range because I do roast and broil a lot especially fish. I am always greatful I have a hood over the range to eliminate any odors.

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I have a range and a single wall oven. The range is 36 inches wide. I use the wall oven the most but if I am cooking several quiches or many multiples I use the big oven--it has dual fans as well. When I need two ovens, I do the slow and low in the range. I used to like the range in the summer because you could exhaust the heat in the summer with the hood.

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