Ethernet Cable Question

shaxhomeMay 2, 2013

Here in the wild bush of Oz, I only have a satellite dish for internet. Sufficient, if not remarkable. It's connected to my desktop in a back room.

If I want to use my laptop on the sunny front porch, could I buy/make up a 15 metre long ethernet cable to occasionally run out the door? Would there be a lessening of efficiency due to impedance, or would that be insignificant?

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You'll be fine.

Unless you own an RJ-45 crimping tool which is fairly expensive, I would buy a ready-made cable.

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Maximum length of a single Ethernet cable signal is 100 meters. Then you add a powered switch and go another 100 meters..... or 300 and some feet.

Sounds like you need wifi so you don't need a cable to move around with your laptop.

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Thanks, John and Mikie...I only spend 2 weeks a year here, so I don't need anything elaborate or complicated.

Will try the cable first...longest I've seen in my local small town is 3 metres! But my son is an electrician/electronics business owner...

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shaxhome- I suggest you check out cables on Amazon. You will find the length you need at a reasonable price...not the ripoff prices found in many local stores. I just did a simple search there and found 100' ethernet cables as cheap as $7.

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Thanks, Kudzu. As I'm leaving again next week, I'll order one sent to my son, (unless he volunteers to manufacture one for me!), so it'll be ready next time I need it...

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Kudzu is exactly right, there are a lot of rip-offs going on by producers of cables and wiring of all kinds. is also a good place to buy fairly priced products.

Monster Cable is one of the the worst perpetrators but there are many others. They tout meaningless and valueless features as an excuse for premium prices.

OP, you may only spend a few weeks there, but it strikes me that bringing along a wireless router to use is a lot less fuss and less elaborate than whatever you went through to have a satellite internet connection. I'd personally rather not deal with a cable through the living quarters since the alternative is so simple and inexpensive, but suit yourself.

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Snidely...appreciate your suggestion that I suit myself. Will do.

IMHO, a lone cable across the floor, which can be wound up and shoved in a cupboard in 10 seconds flat, is far preferable to the tiresome rigmarole of setting up a router. And cheaper.

My satellite was connected about 7 years ago, totally free of charge, courtesy of our Govt.

I've read the stories about the inflated cost of some cables, and consider myself well-warned now.

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