Will range hood work with this cabinet?

Texasgal47August 7, 2013

The Kobe RA-028SQB-1 is listed as either an under cabinet or wall range hood. The manufacturer has measured the total depth of the portion going inside the cabinet as 11 1/4"d. The concern is in preventing torquing of my 30"w x 24"h wall cabinet (mounted above the cooktop) as the total depth is 11 1/4" as measured from the back of the inside cabinet wall to the front of the face frame. This means the entire middle 12" of the cabinet will have to be cut out, including 12" of the face frame at the cabinet bottom. In other words, there will be nothing to brace the middle at the bottom of the cabinet front. As there are wall cabinets of either side, I believe additional bracing across the middle at the front should take care of the problem. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. The installer thinks it will work, but I have no previous experience with him.

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Have you purchased the range hood and the cabinets already? If you didn't buy the hood yet, there may be smaller (shallower) range hoods on the market that might prevent this issue in the first place.

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I've been researching range hoods for months. This model best fits my criteria if the install works.

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The hood is mounted directly on the wall using the two small clips at the top. Therefore, the cabinet over it just needs to support its own weight, nothing more.

The only drawback I see with this model is that the 8 3/8" distance between the two mounting bolts is too small to hit two studs, which means that the installer will have to open up the drywall to add a brace.

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Gigelus, thank you for taking the time to peruse the install diagram and respond to my query. The install instructions do show the wall opened up for cross bracing. Fortunately, a master bedroom closet is on the back side, behind the cabinets, so the studs are easily accessible. Wow, what a relief. I greatly appreciate your assistance.

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