Bathroom sneak peek

cottonpennySeptember 1, 2012

Inspired by the famous pps7!

I have no idea why we are missing drawer fronts in my DH's vanity....

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Very pretty! And your little one is ADORABLE!! Kind of upstages the shot. =)

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Really lovely so far. Give that cute baby a hug for us!

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That's going to be a beautiful bathroom... I can't wait to see more pictures!

Will you be putting glass on top of your two pony walls and then hinging your shower door to both glass and wall on one side? That's what we had originally planned to do.

Good luck with the rest of your project!

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I am excited about how the bathroom is coming out, but of course it doesn't hold a candle to my little DS. He's even more handsome in person! :-)

Treasure - yes, we have frameless glass (with Clear shield thanks to this forum!) coming to go above the pony walls and door.

The floor, which you can't see because it's covered in protection paper, is a dark ebony wood-look tile.

The subway tile continues across the counters at the level of the molding, but they haven't put that in yet.

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Really looks good. I have to ask, "what color is your paint?" It looks like a very pale grayed green on my screen.

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enduring - it's BM Gray Owl. In retrospect, I think I could have gone with a cooler, bluer gray to match the marble. But I was using this color elsewhere and got too lazy to pick another color at the time, so it's Gray Owl for now.

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Thanks for the info. I love that soft green color.

I have been looking at paints and I am 99% sure I will be using BM Bunny Gray. It is a light gray and looks good with the carrara tile I will be using as a listello around my BR. The other 1% choice is BM Metallic Silver, which is a great color with the carrara too, but may be just a bit too dark for my space. Both of these colors go well with my carrara. One thing I think about is the life of the grays I've been looking at. I don't want a dead color. I think the Bunny Gray is more lively than the Metallic Silver. Gray Owl has a playfulness of green.

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looks beautiful. Please post photo of floors and finished project.

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