pullout spray for washing hair in vanity sink

M_N_ASeptember 20, 2013

DH likes to have a quick hair wash sometime without getting into the shower.

something like the pullout spray for kitchen would work great. but is there something for vanity sink faucet? how does it work?

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You might try searching for lavatory shampoo faucets. I saw this one, but would think there would be others out there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lavatory shampoo faucet

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I also found a couple of simpler pull-out faucets. This one has a pretty discreet pull out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pull out vanity faucet

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I'm surprised that more people don't seem to be looking for this. It was definitely a priority for me in our Master BR. I tend to do a fair amount of hand-washing delicate items, and thought that having a sprayer would facilitate rinsing out. Just doing online searches (couldn't find anything in person anywhere), my favourite pullout was the Green Tea by American Standard, but in the Brushed Nickel finish it was almost 10X more expensive than the one I found on eBay by Pfister. I splurged on many things in this bathroom, but just couldn't justify that cost to myself...in the States I think it's probably more reasonable. Anyhow here are two pics, first one the Green Tea, isn't it pretty? The second, the Ideal, which is pretty enough...and not installed yet, so can't comment on how it works...

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I just ran across this today while looking for something else. I probably would not have noticed it if I hadn't recalled seeing your question. The Houzz tag says it is Kohler Simplice.

Modern Bathroom by San Francisco Architects & Designers Chr DAUER Architects

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thank you all for your suggestions. now I have a few options too look at! I am quite surprised that not many products are out there with this feature

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hmm, the last one is actually a kitchen faucet. Maybe I should just consider that.

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