granite counter top not sealing and prob. with polishing

bamboosmomSeptember 13, 2011

I also am having a problem with my bathroom granite counter.

There was a slight scratch when it was being installed. The tech which is also the owner of this particular granite shop polished it out but then it left a cloudy haze. He came back again and it still wasn't right. He just came back 2 weeks ago and polished the area again. It still isn't right and doesn't look like the factory shine it came with. It has swirl marks and doesn't have a consistant shine at all. The tech/owner only polished the area that was scratched and you can see the difference between the original factory shine and his shine. His shine looks dull in spots.

Another problem: The granite is not sealing. It has been done more than 4 times within this past year.

We talked to him and he said he would come back out again to polish and seal it.

I feel that he is not going to get the factory look/shine that it came with. My kitchen granite is beautiful and has that factory shine.

What is your opinion?

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Sounds like he's not sanding long enough and moving down to a fine enough sanding grit. Admittedly, it takes a huge effort to put as fine a shine on raw stone as is done in a factory setting. Look up manual lapidary polishing - that'll give you info on the 'step down' sanding/polishing that must be done to get a high shine on stone, so that you can assess his efforts against fine stonework standards. (Note, though, that lapidarist's usually confine their efforts to jewelry and artwork, not full counters/slabs.)

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He does do it pretty quickly and I am not sure if he is changing pads either.

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He does do it pretty quickly and I am not sure if he is changing pads either.

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If he's not going down to a finer grit in sucession, he has no chance of restoring the shine. In fact, if he's using a coarse grit, he's further damaging the shine surrounding the scratch - thats the cause of the cloudy/swirly effect you're seeing. To get it back to a consistent shine, he needs to sand with progressively finer grits - there's no other way to get it to a consistent surface that I know of. the variance in sealing that you're seeing is due to the surface having been roughed up so that a greater pore surface is exposed, I suspect. Quick doesn't work with a hard stone like granite, either. Softer stone like limestone and marble may sand out fairly quickly, but granite's one of the hardest and it takes time to progressively step down the grits until reaching the desired polish level.

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How is it "not sealing"? What product is being used? And how are you determining that it is not effective?

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Update: The granite tech/owner was here again yesterday. He repolished the surface but it still does not look consistant with the shine. He states that is the stone. My kitchen granite is a different granite color but the shine does look consistant. The polishing he has been doing looks like it has cloudy spots throughout the granite. This shows when the light from the bathroom window is reflecting on it. You can't tell when the bathroom lights are on, but it looks horrible when the natural light shines on it. He said that he used two different sealers this time and then he slapped the water in and showed me it did not darken. He did this "slapping" technique in less than a minute and said "see, it didn't get darker". I just don't know anymore.

When he originally put the piece in I don't remember if this cloudy and shiny look was present, I just noticed the big scratch. Any help would be appreciated with your suggestions.

He did say that he would change the whole piece if it doesn't stay sealed.

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It's likely sealed from a 'pores absorbing fluids and permanently staining standpoint', but that doesn't necessarily indicate that it's been polished and buffed to a consistent level of shine. Does the finish of the cloudy and shiny surfaces feel the same, or does the cloudy section feel a bit rougher? If rougher, then the stone itself has not been polished to the same level as the original factory finish. I'd not be surprised if this is the case, because factory finishes are usually well-machined, and it takes a long time to get a hand finish on a hard stone like granite to the same texture. I've spent hours with a dremel going down to progressively finer sand wheels and polishes/rouges on small pieces when doing lapidary work on various stones, and can attest it can take a long time to see any visible difference with the harder stones. But, a rougher finish can still be sealed from damage, it just doesn't have as much of a reflective shiny effect in certain lighting.

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It just doesn't look good at all but the granite guy says it's the way it should look. I am so upset and it's not sealed right. He said he is asking his other granite friends why it isn't sealing. It does feel about the same with the roughness. IDK anymore...

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Umm, an outsiders opinion? you're not happy with it and never will be cause it's not what you bought. Get the guy to replace the whole thing and you'll be happy. You're torturing KNOW what you have to go do it girl!!!

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What makes you say the granite isn't sealing? Try a few drops of water and wait 15 minutes. If no darkening the stone is sealed or maybe might not even need a sealer. As to top polishing that is a skill your guy doesn't seem to have. Either he does or doesn't so maybe time to move on. Check out Internet for top polish expert.

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