Videos from Palm Springs trip

Gina_WMarch 2, 2012

We went to Palm Springs Modernism Week last month with friends. Beside the Modernism Week activities there was a fine arts show, street art fair, carnival, and the nearby Date Festival. I think Deanna and her mom went to the street fair and date festival last year.

I started messing with taking videos and uploaded these to Youtube. They are not edited at all, and are right out of my iPhone. So forgive the quality and lack of polish!

Downtown Palm Springs shuts down its major street EVERY Thursday night for a street fair. This performer was raking in the cash all night. He played flawlessly for hours while his wife sold CDs. Our friends bought a couple of those, and we bought a metal art piece. We ate Thai food and dates rolled in coconut flakes.

The Riviera Resort has a funky-mod decor, so we stopped there to look at the design. Here's my video of the lobby and bar. After shopping in the lobby boutique, where I bought the cutest gym bag (I seriously needed a new gym bag) from PanAm brands, we went out to the pool bar to have a refreshment. There was a small press conference going on and it was Connie Stevens unveiling a photo of herself in a bikini, circa 1955, to decorate the Bikini Bar.

At the Fine Arts show we saw Cheech Marin. He's an artist now. Seems like everything I liked was over $15,000, so I went away from the show empty-handed except for a bag of brochures and a cup of tea, LOL.

Lastly, I took this from the car on the way home. Warning! Way too long - lots of windmills! Windmill Farms in the Desert.

I kinda like this spur-of-the-moment video taking!

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Yup, that was a lot of windmills. To quote Dave, we get the idea. ;). I remember seeing them once driving from Yosemite to SF and just thinking they were very cool. The ones you don't like kind of remind me of the Eiffel Tower.

Love the hotel lobby. It's fun to see how it really look vs their web site. The web site doesn't show tourists in t-shirts hanging out. What a nifty place.

What was the first song that the street musician played? I know it but can't place it. He's good!

I bet Connie Stevens doesn't wear a bikini anymore.Neither do I.

What a fun trip. Thanks for sharing. You have a nice voice and Dave is a wise guy!

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Awwww I want to meet Cheech Marin. I want to thank him for the hours of peace in my car with toddlers while his album 'My name is Cheech, the school bus driver' looped endlessly in the cassette player.

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He's playing Classical Jazz. My video doesn't do the hotel justice. It's very nice. The crowd at the pool was very hip and very young. No way I'd be wearing a swimsuit with that crowd around! There were tourists in tees, but for modernism week there were also people walking around in costumey retro looks for fun and to get into the spirit of mid-century mod.

Cheech seemed approachable but I can't bring myself to do that to celebs. I couldn't even ask Dale Chihuly for a picture a couple years back in Seattle. And I used to live in West Hollywood and practically rub elbows with lots of celebrities. Even at the dentist.

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Glam lobby! The musician is wonderful.

We have windmills here, too. They began sprouting along the rolling hills of the Altamont Pass many years ago. While I loved the bare hills - they are gorgeous and a bit of scenery I always appreciated on the way to San Francisco - the addition of the windmills added a bit of whimsy in my mind. I don't mind them.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Fun Gina! Mom and I did go to the Date Festival and the street fair last year. The only down side was that it was a very short trip and the weather was cold and rainy when I was there!! I know it wasn't the norm, but still made for a cold day at the Festival. I loved the street fair.
The other fun one is every weekend flea market/craft show at the College of the Desert. Really enjoyed that too.

We're actually going to Palm Springs again in April. We'll be there the 10th-17th I think. Not sure what events might be happening that week, but mostly going to relax by the pool anyway! Hope the weather is better than last year! :)

Thank for posting and getting me all pumped up and ready to go.


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Classical Gas, not Classical Jazz!

April should be very nice Deanna. DH and I are going to go more often - we've been going other places but forget how close and fun PS is. Since it's a tourist destination, there is a lot of nice shopping and tons of restaurants. We did happy hour dinners twice. At Roy's we ate off the happy hour menu and shared a bunch of small plates, like tapas. And at Mama Gina's ( heh! ) in Palm Desert, they split the restaurant into two sections - one section exclusively for "Happy Hour" which is all the time. Again, we were able to order lots of dishes to share, tapas style.

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Palm Springs is so many things, classy and kitch all at once...looks like a wonderful's to the tapas bars!!
Linda c

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Dang, that reminds me, I never did find a "date shake" when I was in California. Next time....

The guitarist was very good and I couldn't help but think that a white couch in a hotel lobby probably isn't a good idea, but it's lovely.

I even remember Connie Stevens!

Here wind farms are also springing up, some company wants to even put them out into The Lake. I believe in alternative energy and think we should use every renewable resource the best we can, but I draw the line at putting windmills IN The Lake, sheesh.

A friend of mine has several right across the road from his house and says they make a strange "vibration", it took a while to get used to it.


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My sister is thinking of selling her condo in El Segundo and is looking for a place in the Palm Springs area. I may have to break down and visit her....looks like a fun place.

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I was mistaken, Cheech is not an artist, he is a patron of the arts, especially Chicano artists, and he was being honored as patron of the year. I finally got to look through the tons of magazines and brochures I picked up and read that.

Katie, it's a great place to have a vacation home, but it is in the desert and gets very hot in summer. She's going to suffer many 100-plus degree days out there. People do it, just like they live in Phoenix and Tucson, but how in the heck I do not know. I would take Florida or Sedona or San Diego or lots of other mild-weather places instead. But hey I'm a lightweight - I can't handle extreme temperatures!

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Gina, she says she can deal with the heat, and I have not discouraged her. Her last retirement plan was to have DH build her a house in our pasture. I think that's why he turned it into garden, lol. (btw, thanks for Weston Price Fnd. link...very interesting. Great book list.)

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Well, lots of folks live in the desert and manage. PS is a nice place to retire - lots of outdoor activities, swimming pools, hospitals and services and of course, other retirees! I saw Gerald and Betty Ford's house for sale in one of the PS magazines I went through.

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What a great time you must have had. I've never been to PS but would love too. Also want to spend more time in Southern California. Think that is what we may do on our next winter road trip. Clive really wants to spend a bunch more time in San Diego.

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San Diego County is one of the best places to live on Earth! I love many parts of it. There are so many beautiful places all over California.

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