Masterbath reno started yesterday!

ceezeeczSeptember 11, 2013

Hi all,

I started a thread earlier with a question about whether my choices were going to be too bland and everyone was such a help that I feel very confident that the outcome of this reno is going to really suit me. Here's the link to my previous post. I ended up getting granite for the countertop because the travertine was sold and they couldn't get another. So I went somewhere else and found a beautiful granite.

They started yesterday and took out over 2.5 tons of debris . Very small bathroom but lots of tile, mud beds, cabinets, etc. Sure did add up. Today they completed clearing the area and raising the ceiling in the shower. They said the electrician comes tomorrow to start work on the rewiring.

The time quote is 4 weeks and we'll see how it goes. I don't think the work will take that long and all of the finish items are ordered and waiting at their warehouse. But the township I live in is very strict so the inspection process could really cause a delay. They've been known to make a contractor take apart and move a screw/nail that was 1/8" too far apart in nailing wallboard to a stud.

I think overall the hardest decision was picking the wall paint color! Ended up with BM Frappe.

At some point I'll try to put some photos up as the process goes forward.

They have been working so clean, I'm amazed. They basically covered everything in the bedroom with plastic sheeting. Looked like a scene from Dexter! Then they have a plastic zippered door leading to the bathroom from the bedroom so it's contained.

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Sounds like a great crew working in your home. Looking forward to updates.

Today I am having drywallers over, and I'm so excited and nervous about getting my bathroom further along.

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We are in the middle of BR #3 reno, started in May and I am pretty much OVER the process!!!! Post pics!

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Here's a pano of the bedroom showing all the plastic. You can see the zippered door to the bathroom. Hard to get any photos of the bathroom as it is so small!

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Here's the before. You can see that it is basically two rooms. The first, which is open to the bedroom now (a pocket door is going in), has a sink on the left and a linen closet on the right and a door leading to the rest of the bathroom.

The second room has a toilet on the left, under a window, a sink on the right, and a shower straight ahead.

This wall is coming down, the toilet remains, the sink on the left is coming out, a double vanity is going on the right, and the shower is being enlarged in every way (false ceiling removed, made wider and longer).

Right now, everything is out of this area. Wall gone, shower huge ... a blank slate.

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Thanks for posting your pictures. We just completed demo of our MBR. I'm so envious that you might have this done in 4 weeks. Ours will take at least twice that long. We are DIYers and can only work on it nights and weekends. I'm sure it will be beautiful! Good luck!

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See how empty it is today!

Electrician is here doing the rough-in. Township inspector scheduled for tomorrow.

They found wiring going from the attic to who knows where that was routed through the ductwork. That is no longer allowed by code. Whether or not the township will let it stay as grandfathered in is anybody's guess. Likely not. More work and expense in that case.

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Pocket door will be put in.

Requested the Johnson hardware as it's been strongly recommended here. Upgrade from the Home Depot stuff but well worth it I think.

Can't imagine doing three bathrooms!

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any ideas of how to remove my horrible outdated wallpaper border? lol

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Yay for your reno starting! One day very soon I'm taking a hammer to my old bathroom and starting the demo whether DH is on board or not. LOL

Keep posting the pics!

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our small MBath reno is slated to be 4 weeks also. We lost about 4 days with inspections, etc. But this week was full steam ahead, with drywall and tile prep. We also gutted to the studs. today is drywall sanding and primer!! tiling starts Monday! So, excited! Next week is 4 weeks--so he is pushing like crazy to get me back on my timeline!

They even worked yesterday in the dark with the generator--we lost power after some storms for about 24hours--but didn't lose a days work on the project!!

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Inspector passed the electrical rough-in!

Edit: oh well, I spoke too soon. Apparently he gave us the sticker just so work coud continue. It'll be done at the end of the project. So, no joy with that at least.

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I think you will be very lucky if you get it done in the 4 weeks. Mine was quoted at 2 weeks. They started on August 23rd and I would say we still have a week left if we are lucky...

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Yeah, it's likely going to take longer. If for no other reason than delays due to inspections. All finishes are in the garage except for the two thresholds and the granite countertop which of course have to wait until the end to get finished.

We'll see. Two guys working 8 - 5 and usually longer. Plus electrician and plumber as needed. But rerouting an air vent and moving plumbing isn't so quick. Also, installing the pocket door needs additional framing work done. Been 4 days now.

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I am starting week 4 of a to the studs reno of an 8x8 master bath. We were delays almost a full 5 days with permit/inspection stuff. We are back on track, tiling starts tomorrow. I am hoping we are back in the bathroom by end of the week--all except for the shower doors, which can't be ordered until the tiling is done--then 1 week for install. fingers crossed!

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Middle of the third week of renovation and the tiling is nearly finished. They are doing beautiful work and I'm very impressed with the care they are taking. Vents had to be moved. Walls taken down, total reworking of the electric, adding additional lines for a second sink, moved the toilet to the left a few inches so it would line up with the center of the window, moved the shower drain .... I could go on with the list. Four township inspections just to get to the tiling stage! They're working 6 days a week.

I'm very pleased with the selections I've made with the tile, granite, and other finishes. Last thing I'm trying to nail down is a window treatment. No rush there.

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The niche. The mosaic in the back of it is what will be on the shower floor. The niche itself was a prefab piece that was tiled over. This isn't going to leak!

I'd show you a photo of the main bathroom floor but it's covered in plastic right now to protect it while he's working on the shower.

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Nice! You're really moving right along. I like the subway tile. Keep posting pictures if you get a chance. It's really encouraging as our reno is dragging on and on.

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It's 6:20 and he's still here (after checking it was okay with me). He didn't want to leave until all the tiling was done. Three full days of tiling. Mainly because I did the floor in a diamond pattern. Flat price - no additional charge in labor for doing diamond versus straight. Probably took him twice as long. And I think he's pickier than me!

They'll grout after all the tile has been laid. Probably early next week. Next step I think is to tape, prep, and paint the walls.

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Another photo. Painting is done of walls and ceiling. Grout is now done. Template for the countertop, backsplash and thresholds done. Pocket door is in - love it! They're working more tomorrow (Saturday) and then maybe only one more day. Then waiting for countertop, etc., to be done and installed. So happy with the quality of the work.

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