All-gas range with dehydrator feature?

IAD2RDUAugust 13, 2014


I am having a difficult time finding a range with these features. Any suggestions on models? Any suggestions on where to look? So far I have checked Yale Appliances, AG Madison, Amazon, and my local stores. No luck.

Here's my wish list:

30" all-gas range
Slide-in (preferred)
Dehydrator mode (preferable as counter and storage space is limited for a separate dehydrator)

I live in a hurricane-prone area where electrical outages are common. We ARE planning on buying a generator but not this year, so all-gas is preferred to duel-fuel so we would have the ability to use the entire range during a power outage.

THANK YOU (I hope)!

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Make sure you can manually light the burners ... most new ranges use an electronic igniter.

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THANK YOU!! Yet another feature to add to my wish list. :)

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You might try searching and/or posting the question in the harvest forum, too, where there have been lots of threads about dehydrating.

I kinda recall there were some older model stoves (Jenn Air??) that had an actual dehyrdator mode, but I'm not sure there still are any models with that specific setting.

"Pro-style" ranges often have manually switched convection fans and some of the ranges can run a steady and fairly low oven temperature. My NXR range ($1800 to $2k at can hold a steady oven temperature down to 130F. I've read some posts here to the effect that Wolf ranges will hold a steady 150F and that there was some kind of fitting or stopper that would allow you to crack the oven door open while running at a low temp for dehydrating. I've also read that ovens in Blue Star ranges might go as low as 120F with the convection fan turned on (but I have no first experience.) For the report on the Blue Stars see this thread:

I've also read about using warming drawers in ranges, but the capacity is pretty small and there's no fan to circulate the air and speed drying.

On being able to light the stove-top burners manually, you may have to check the owner's/user guides (available on-line via links at many vendors). Many, but not all, current gas ranges allow you to manually light stove-top burners. Do be aware that very few stoves have ovens that can be lit manually and those are mostly off-the-grid and old pilot-light models.

Hope this helps with your search.

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I'm not aware of any gas range that doesn't let you light the burners manually. However, some have a cooktop child lockout feature that relies on electricity to activate. If the cooktop is in lockout mode when the power goes out, you will not be able to use it again until the power comes back on and you turn off the lock. But even on those models you would be able to manually light the cooktop if it wasn't locked out when it lost power.

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THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your suggestions!! Will definitely check Harvest forum...wouldn't have thought of that!

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>>>"I'm not aware of any gas range that doesn't let you light the burners manually.. Nor were some owners of gas stoves a couple of years ago during Hurricane Sandy. My recollection from some discussions back then was that gas double-oven Maytag/Whirlpool ranges and some of the higher end Electrolux ranges routed everything through the electronic control boards which prevented lighting the stovetop burners during power outages.. There may have been other models and brands, but I cannot recall at the moment. Hence, the advice to check the online user's manual before buying a stove. Just verify that the manual says something about manually lighting a burner.

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Yeah you're right I just checked the wiring diagram for a Maytag Gemini and they have a solenoid valve controlling the gas to the cooktop. What a stupid setup.

OP: Check out the Electrolux wave touch. It has dehydrate and can be lit during a power outage.

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