Can you alphabetize bookmarks in Google Chrome

ginjjMay 7, 2014

I find it hard to believe you cannot alphabetize bookmarks in Google Chrome. I've searched the web with no luck. Looked at their help site, no luck.

Am I missing something? I have a very long list of bookmarks which I would love to be able to automatically alphabetize. Safari does that automatically.

I'm surprised at Google.


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I didn't try this (mine are in the chrono order that I prefer) but what happens when you click on:

Bookmark Manager (up near the top)
Reorder by Title

    Bookmark   May 7, 2014 at 9:52PM
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Oh my gosh - it's there right under my nose. Yes, it alphabetizes them! Thank you so much!


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You're welcome, happy to help.

Note that by highlighting and then right clicking on a bookmark entry, one of the choices you can left click on is "Edit".

By editing the name of a bookmark, you can jigger where a particular item will appear in the alphabetic list. A favorite trick of mine to move frequently used items to the top of a computer list is to add 1 or A at the beginning. . So if you frequently access "Topeka Philharmonic" and want it at the top of the list, you can change the entry to "1 Topeka Philharmonic".

Once you've saved a URL as a bookmark, you can simply start typing the site's name in the address line and the bookmarked information will appear as a choice.

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