Looking for a small deep fryer

harry_wildAugust 21, 2014

This will be my first deep fryer. Looking to use it for deep frying lake fish such as walleye and French fries. Looking for a long rectangle model that is about 4 cups or a liter capacity.

Easy storage of the oil and cleaning are top priorities for me! I heard you need to stain the oil after each cooking session and then pour it into a container to refrigerate.

Has anyone try the ones that do that automatically and has a container at the bottom so you just put a lid on it and place it in the refrigerator?

Any suggest would be appreciated and where to best buy it too!

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Sorry to rain on your parade.
The quality of deep fryers has plunged along with their prices.
They are a beast to clean, especially the baskets and all around the immersion heater which is the kind that gives the best cooking results.
Peanut oil is the best, it costs plenty and a less than 1500w unit holding less than about 2.5 quarts can't hold temp very well when cooking from frozen.
You can get just as good or better results with a suitable pot and basket on a range if you are safety conscious and know what you are doing. And the clean up and general hassle afterwards is minimal.
If you still want to try, check out Amazon.com and Sears. Be sure to read any bad reviews

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There is one top rated deep fryer that meets all your requirements except for volume/size. I got the Emeril Lagassi fryer online and it has a valve on the bottom to drain all the cooled oil into a plastic bottle that fits on a refrigerator shelf. It has been recommended on one of the testing sites. Unfortunately, my wife says I have to part with some other countertop appliance before I can use it. I've got 5 quarts of peanut oil waiting too. I think it takes 4. I'm not sure of the spelling but he is the famous chef you see on tv.

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Thanks for the input!

I looking at several models. But from what people in the reviews say; it a time consuming task just to fry some fish or fries. I may pass on purchasing this appliance all together.

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