Oil rubbed bronze...

aimless07July 29, 2014

Is it pretty safe to assume that the finish of oil rubbed bronze fixtures look different from manufacturer to manufacturer?

Is it going to look bad if I get oil rubbed bronze lighting from Feiss or Capital for my kitchen and dining, but then pick oil rubbed bronze ceiling fans and entry lighting from Quorum?

Ugh, I think it's me being too matchy again. I almost want to say screw it and just pick silver fixtures to match my plumbing choices.

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Mix away! The visual texture is great and it keeps the house from looking as though you ordered it off a builder's menu.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yes orb is different from mnfctrs, but it won't matter, esp in different rooms. Think about a friends house...do you even know what finish is on their foyer fixture or in the powder room?

Go ahead and mix and match...it'll be fine.

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It will be fine. I also had the same question when choosing the soap dispenser to go right next to the kitchen faucet - both different manufacturers, but both ORB. Turns out, they look fine together. I think lighting would be even less obvious if there was a little difference.

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Sophie Wheeler

ORB is on the way out so just be sure that you can source all of the products that you need in it.

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If ORB is going out, what is coming in?

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Maybe shiny 80s brass?

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Bronze itself isn't going out. Using it as the only metal everywhere is going out.

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Bronze is an alloy of copper that is very hard and weathers very well and eventually becomes very dark if not polished. It is a standard exterior finish on or near the sea but too expensive and unnecessary for less corrosive environments.

The technique of rubbing aged bronze with oils is to produce reddish-yellow highlights which is an artistic effect used on bronze sculpture and is often associated with sculpture from Venice.

Modern Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes are considered "decorative" and are used inside houses but because of the high cost of bronze and hand rubbing they are usually simulated in at least 8 different ways. They will not darken but they will wear with human contact exposing the material below which might be anything from solid or plated brass or copper to steel. This is called a "living finish" which is modern advertising attempting to define a simulated natural finish as being natural.

So, the finishes from different manufacturers will probably not match and will eventually match even less.

But that's just the way of the sea!

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