Refurbishing Viking Stove, what should I do

bigds01August 3, 2013

We are going to be redoing our kitchen soon. It has the 48" 6 burner/griddle Viking. I don't exactly love it because most of the flames come up to high and I am certain the thermostat is off in the ovens. I think the stove is from 2001-2.

The question is, as I want a black range, should I refurb the unit we have or just chuck it and buy another brand's new unit. Price isn't an issue in our decision but want to still be prudent.

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Order a new unit.

You've got a 12 + year old unit that wasn't spectacular to begin with and the company that made it doesn't technically exist now.

Sell it on craigslist or ebay and put the $$$ towards something new.

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I would say fix it. Even tho price isn't an issue, it is a nice stove that shouldn't be considered a disposable. If you do get rid of it, please find it a nice home.

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I'd be tempted to clean it up and get it fixed, gas ranges aren't really rocket science, but you have to be willing. Otherwise, I agree with tyguy and find it a nice home.

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Refurbishing is handy, as you have described you have not any financial problem. I will suggest you to buy a new one rather than refurbishing. It is will run long time.

Here is a link that might be useful: home appliance repair service

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I'd take a look at what brands you are going to be able to find to replace a 48" black range. Not many I think, and probably one of the big players is Viking.

I may be wrong, but it doesn't seem like adjusting the burners so the flame is proper height and having a new oven thermostat installed would be very major repairs. I'd get a repair person out before I make any decisions. I know Viking does not have a very good reputation on this forum, but your problems sound very minor, and everyone says that build quality on pretty much all appliances is not what it used to be. You might end up with something brand new that is worse than what you have right now.

If you are doing a remodel where you will maintain the space for a 48" range, why couldn't you wait a while. You could always put new in later on if you truly don't want this after all.

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There are PLENTY of choices for a black 36" range.

Off the top of my head:

Blue Star
Five Star
Verona all have them .

That doesn't include the specialty players like:

and AGA either.

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Since cost isn't a factor compare your current range against the other options If you would choose it in its refurbed condition, ok. Otherwise pick the best performing option.

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I would sell it and buy a better performing range.

Hopefully, you can sell it to a young couple that bought a little too much house with a gaping 48" whole in the cabinet run.

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I would sell it, and I am not just saying that, I just sold my Viking. If you are weighing the costs, factor in the cost to replace the thermostats, the convection fan, and the hinges. My hinges died awhile ago and I replaced them, the fan started making noise well before I sold the range. Also get a price on the labor to go through it and make those repairs. It will still be cheaper to refurb, but at least you will know the costs. For me, I wanted to start fresh, and get the full extension oven rack, so new was the way to go.

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