Does a hood insert need to be 24" in depth?

pbx2_gwAugust 16, 2012

We're thinking about doing custom hood over a 36" hood insert with internal blower.

Can't seem to find a 36"x 24" deep vent hood to fit over our 30" gas range.

I know a wall mounted hood with 24" depth is recommended for full cover over a range.

Is this depth the same with a hood insert?

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A hood insert is a hood where the owner gets to choose a custom outside covering. All the rules for distance above burners, aperture size, flow rate, and filtering apply just as for hoods with shiny metal on the outside, PLUS, the outer covering, typically wood, has to be far enough from the burners or otherwise protected to avoid fire hazard.

A 27-inch front to back dimension of the aperture will improve capture.


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24" or 27" depth inserts can be purchased by special order.

As Kaseki say Capture area is the key to successful smoke and grease removal from the kitchen. Most inserts come 22" deep which is the depth the majority of cabinet makers build the wooden structure / frame, sadly this is not a good idea from a functional perspective. On most pro style ranges the depth from the back wall to the front of the grates is 25". So you miss so much smoke and grease from the front.

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Thanks you both for the insights.
That's what I figured.

It might be more costly than it's worth to do for us with special order & all.

Our new build will be ahead of the curve in terms of how tight it will be & we defintiely do not want to have smoke & inhalents not be captured by our vent hood due to lack of depth.

Thanks again!

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